8 emerging trends in education that reflect a changing world

Recently, Google for Education partnered with “a global team of researchers and analysts to examine evidence-based shifts in classroom education” and published a report identifying 8 emerging trends in K-12 education around the world.  

The “Future of the Classroom” report identifies research-based current and emerging trends to watch and resources to help schools “prepare students for what’s next’. Beyond tools, it also puts the light on skills students now need to develop.

The conclusion reminds us that education “provides students with the foundation of skills and knowledge they will lean on for the rest of their lives. And as the world around them changes – be that due to changes in values, societal shifts or technological innovations – the education landscape needs to shift in response. »

Future of the Classroom: The 8 trends

As stated in the report, the trends were drawn from a global analysis that spans “fourteen expert interviews with global and country-specific thought leaders in education, academic literature review focusing on the last two years of peer-reviewed publications and desk research and media narrative analysis across the education sector, including policy research and teacher surveys”. According to the multinational company, Google-led products and programs were intentionally excluded.

The 8 current and emerging trends:

  1. Digital Responsibility
  2. Computational Thinking
  3. Collaborative Classrooms
  4. Innovating Pedagogy
  5. Life Skills & Workforce Preparation
  6. Student-led Learning
  7. Connecting Guardians (Families) & Schools
  8. Emerging Technologies

Many sources and examples are included in the report. You can download and read it here.

Reports by country

Google also published reports for emerging trends by country. There is one for Canada that examines more in depth three of the most prominent national trends:

  1. Digital Responsibility
  2. Emerging Technologies
  3. Life Skills & Workforce Preparation

In comparison, the UK report focuses on:

  1. Digital Responsibility
  2. Life Skills & Workforce Preparation
  3. Innovating Pedagogy

Presentation of the Future of the Classroom report:

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