Télé-Québec in the classroom: a renewed platform to support teachers

How do you find a huge selection of relevant and interesting content for you and your students in one place? Télé-Québec en classe presents its renewed platform. | Infomercial
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Télé-Québec infomercial

As a teacher, your time is precious. How do you find a huge selection of relevant and interesting content for you and your students in one place? Just you create a free account on Télé-Québec in class.

Télé-Québec's educational and cultural mission is well known. Since its creation, Télé-Québec has reached out to Quebec youth through the production of audiovisual content that is both entertaining and educational, in addition to putting its expertise at the service of schools. What's more, Télé-Québec is continually enriching its offering. This time she does it with Télé-Québec in the classroom, a technopedagogical platform complementary to the training program.

“At a time when the school environment is living in uncertainty and when several classes must switch to distance education overnight, Télé-Québec's resources are all available online, and therefore accessible at school as well as at the House. Our quality resources support teachers in their daily lives, ”suggests Julie Provencher, responsible for educational intervention for Télé-Québec in the classroom.

A new platform

On the renewed version of Télé-Québec in the classroom, teachers, education professionals and their students find a wide selection of educational content, more than 11,000 content to date. New features are added regularly. 

This tool aims to facilitate lesson planning and make teaching dynamic, enjoyable and interesting.

Videos, literature kits bringing together 15 Quebec youth albums that contain various activities, games, podcasts, articles, educational guides and printable materials. You will also find original and exclusive productions there, in various formats which make it possible to diversify the teaching in all subjects. These Quebec resources, which have the advantage of being presented without advertising, will reach young people. They will recognize public figures they like and activities that correspond to their reality. 

Thanks to the powerful search engine, it is easy to find content according to subject and school level using keywords. Standardized indexing and categorization promotes discovery of content based on user interests and teacher needs. 

More than ever, Télé-Québec is placing its know-how at the service of teachers and the education community. In addition to teachers, preschool, primary, secondary, general adult education and vocational training students are invited to create a free account in order to access referred content and even discover more! They will also have access to the “Favorites” function which allows them to save a selection of resources to find them at the appropriate times. 

In addition

A presentation of the renewed platform, by Julie Provencher, Ph.D, responsible for educational intervention for Télé-Québec in the classroom.

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