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Simplify your return to school… and your year!

Simplify your return to school thanks to validated educational resources and turnkey tools developed specifically to meet your needs by GRICS.
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The GRICS is a Quebec non-profit organization that develops, adapts and supports the widest range of administrative, school and pedagogical management solutions made to measure for the world of education.

For 35 years, GRICS has provided you with validated educational resources and turnkey tools developed specifically to meet your needs and simplify your daily life. In addition, most of these resources are free, and you probably already have access to it. 

Discover them now! 


Mozaïk-Portal is an effective collaborative tool aimed at promoting communication between school, parents and students. Available in all CS and CSS, Mozaïk-Portail allows teachers to centralize tools and functionalities to help them accomplish their tasks more efficiently and quickly.  

From September, you will be able to take advantage of a series of free trainings offered by GRICS to familiarize yourself with Mozaïk-Portail! 

Education hub

Education hub provides preschool, primary and secondary teachers with fast, efficient and free access to relevant and validated resources to facilitate and enrich the development of student skills.

You can count on diversified content such as commented websites, free resources, thematic guides and educational activities. These are presented to you in different forms, such as images, videos, news, and events. 


Landmarks is the most up-to-date and most reliable source of information on career choices and professional integration. It allows you to guide your students through the exploration of more than 1,300 professions and 7,000 training programs.  

Your students will be able to use Webfolio, an interactive tool that allows them to create their self-portrait as a future worker.   


BIM is a bank of turnkey tests whose contents, developed with the help of specialists who know the ministerial programs and frameworks inside out, are aimed at general education for young people, general education for adults and vocational training.  

BIM tests include all the documents and tools necessary for their administration and correction. In addition, they are available in a version that allows them to be modified, if necessary. 

To learn more, visit our section " Reserved for teachers " from today!

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