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(Press release) The FAST project is an exceptional opportunity to participate in the next generation of science and technology while promoting academic perseverance. How to contribute? By becoming the mentor of a 4th year secondary student as part of an internship in a company.

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(Press Release) The FAST project is an exceptional opportunity to participate in the next generation in science and technology while promoting school perseverance. How to contribute? By becoming the mentor of a Secondary 4 student as part of an internship in a company.

The FAST project is a work-study project with a high scientific and technological content that relies on the development of partnerships with companies in the Quebec region so that they can welcome Secondary 4 students from Vanier High School.

These company internships aim to motivate young people, develop their autonomy and cultivate their interest in studying and working in companies working in the science and technology sector while developing values related to entrepreneurship (sense of initiative, search for innovative solutions, critical thinking, curiosity and creativity). Through the work situations they will encounter, students will have the opportunity to develop different skills and actively engage in their learning while contributing concretely to the company's activities.

In order to promote the diversity of possible careers related to science and technology, each student will be able to live two different experiences by being paired, for each of their internships, with a companion in the company, who will act as an internship supervisor and mentor. Each internship will last five weeks in a company, with three afternoons (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays). These courses will take place from January 23 to February 29, 2012 and from March 12 to April 18, 2012.

The use of an iPad digital tablet will be used to facilitate flexibility and continuity between the school, the company and the parents. Thus, the student can easily enter into communication with his companion in the company, as well as with his teachers.

The partner companies will be equipped and supported by the project team made up of Quebec transfer center for educational success (CTREQ) and Francophone Center for the Computerization of Organizations (CEFRIO) in their preparation for welcoming students and for the entire duration of the project. A team of researchers from Center for Research and Intervention on Academic Success (CRIRES) will collaborate in the project in order to enlighten the action of the actors towards the success of the project.

By opening your door to our youth, you are providing them with meaningful work and learning experience. This experience will take place in a diversified and rewarding educational context that will offer everyone an opportunity to personally engage in a promising project.

For any additional information or to indicate your desire to contribute to this project, please contact Jean-François St-Cyr by email by December 9. or by phone at 418 658-2332 ext. 23.

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