Meeting parents in co-education mode in the digital age

[Chronicle École branchée on the family] Although there is no better time to set up co-education for our columnist, back to school is an ideal time for the first parent-teacher contact to create this relationship. This is the opportunity to start the year by recognizing the importance of the respective roles.

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Even if it is always time to install coeducation in my opinion, the start of the school year is the ideal time for the first parent-teacher contact in order to create this coeducational relationship. This is an opportunity to start the year by recognizing the importance of each other's respective roles and to team up together.

More than ever, during this first meeting, it is important to welcome the concerns of both sides by prioritizing the well-being of young people, who are at the heart of the school-family relationship. Let us remember that the challenges in the digital age are first and foremost human. It is therefore essential for parents as well as for teachers and school team staff to listen to each other. To unite to create the best possible learning conditions in the current situation. Since the onset of the pandemic, a certain amount of stress has been felt and it has left similar and different traces on each of us. Let's be kind to ourselves and to others so that we can lean on and stay in solution mode.

Allies to co-educate

Once the state of benevolence has been established, let us train ourselves to question ourselves so that our communications are geared towards the success of young people. Do we regularly ask the question "How could we work better together?" »And learn to name the needs of the child that must be met to support him in his learning. Developing and using a common language in our school-family exchanges will facilitate the manifestations of concerted actions.

Digital makes communication easier

Since the schools were forced to close, the use of technology has greatly facilitated educational continuity. At the start of the school year, parents will want to know the tools that are provided in the event of a classroom closure, and teachers will want to know if their students will have access to the materials needed for distance education. Reassurance and commitment on both sides to offer the necessary support to make the year go well will be at the heart of the success of the parent-teacher relationship.

Moreover, this year, it is possible that your meeting will take place by videoconference. If so, this is a great opportunity to simulate distance learning for each of you. In a future article, we will share with you some tips for adapting your meeting with parents by videoconference.

The following video presents the parent-teacher meeting in a posture of coeducation. We wish you to create a relationship which will allow you to intervene in consultation for the well-being and the educational success of each child. Happy new year 2020-21!

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Stephanie Dionne
Stéphanie Dionne is director of development and partnerships, facilitator and speaker. It contributes to the influence of players in the education sector and its ecosystem. In addition, it supports parents, teachers and workers in a mentality of co-education in order to allow young people to become fulfilled citizens in the digital age.

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