Results of our back-to-school survey on teachers' concerns

At the start of the school year, we conducted a large survey among our readers to find out their biggest challenges, particularly in relation to digital. Our editor-in-chief takes stock of the responses obtained.

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We knew that the 2020-21 school year would be special. At École branchée, the last end of the school year took place under the sign of constant adaptation. In particular, we have changed the format of our CréaCamps to support you in this crisis which is proving to be more than just health. We also asked ourselves "What concerns teachers the most for the coming year?" ".

We therefore asked you the question directly using a survey, to which 648 people took the time to respond. Thank you to you, and thank you also to all our partners who relayed the call in their networks!

Here today is a summary of the results obtained.

The digital challenge

This survey is very evocative. After analysis, we see that teachers face major challenges, of course, but that they do not seem to be in the unknown as much as last spring. 

More than a third (37 %) of the respondents indicated that the possibility of teaching at a distance and in class in parallel was their greatest concern, in first position before the sanitary conditions to be respected (25 %), the program to be taught in the current conditions (16 %) and the equipment and support that will be at their disposal and that of their students (16 %).

Interestingly, respondents said they felt relatively comfortable using digital technology. Indeed, nearly half (48.5 %) say they already used digital tools occasionally or often in class, even before confinement. Then, 23 % say they are comfortable with digital, even if they mainly started using it in class only at the start of the pandemic. However, the remaining 28.5 % represent those who still consider themselves very beginners.

Tools as varied as they are numerous

A large amount and variety of tools were cited in response to the question, "If you were to switch to distance learning overnight, what tools do you plan to use?" ".

Although the Google and Microsoft Education suites are the general choices (Google Classroom for 49 % of respondents and Microsoft TEAMS for 38 % of them), more than fifteen other tools will also be used by teachers. s. 43 % plan to teach with video clips from YouTube, and 34 % will use online exercisers for students. Interestingly, 31 % of respondents said they were looking for digital tools that will encourage feedback. Among the more specifically named applications, we find: Padlet, Showbie, Moodle, Edpuzzle, ClassDojo, Loom, VIA, Facebook and many others.

Regarding training needs to better prepare for distance teaching, nearly a third of respondents consider themselves self-taught (30.9 %) and rely on lists of resources and applications, almost on a par with those (30.4 % ) who prefer to take online training at their own pace. Nearly 22 %s would more readily opt for in-person, face-to-face or remote training. And 13 % admit that the ideal for them would be to have access to ready-made activities to transmit to their students.

I end this report with an editorial note: currently, each teacher is faced with major challenges and this is why we must support them and consider teaching as an essential service for the future of our young people. .

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