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Opening up to the world of engineering is quite a program! Aimed at high school and CEGEP students, Place pour toi's range of activities sparks their interest in engineering at key times in their academic career.

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Opening up to the world of engineering is quite a program!
Aimed at high school and CEGEP students, the range of activities at room for you arouses their interest in engineering at key times in their academic career.


Expanding the field of possibilities and arousing curiosity is what our engineers aim for in their discussions in class, in addition to bridging the gap between young people's fields of interest and an exciting profession.

The volunteer engineers of room for you act as inspiring role models as ambassadors for the profession. Their mission is to share their daily lives and bring the profession to life to make it more concrete with young people. 

Visit of an ambassador in class for the activity “Demonstrate genius”. Video made before the pandemic.


Many turnkey activities are offered to help young people discover genius. Provided by passionate volunteers, each event covers all fields of action of the profession. The quality of the interventions is guaranteed by real engineers duly prepared and trained. A unique opportunity to discover the thousand and one facets of genius.

Yes you teach at secondary, the proposed activities are 5 in number. To approach the profession from all its angles, the meeting One hour of genius is ideal. The activity Show genius is one of the most popular in science class, with the advantage of meeting the objectives of the Quebec School Training Program (PFEQ). Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students will have to save bees while secondary 4 will unleash their genius to invent and design a prototype water filtration system in order to survive a 14-day excursion in the forest.

In person, the teams of room for you make every effort to ensure a safe environment that respects the health rules in force. Photo taken before the pandemic.

Yes you work in CEGEP, 4 activities have been specially developed with the aim of deciphering and broadening the professional horizons of your students. In full questioning about their professional future, our visit will allow them to take a new look at engineering. 

Flagship activity offered face-to-face, great genius  promotes the profession in the presence of two engineers Jasons genius represents a great complementary option to concretely discover a field of the professions before taking the step towards university. 


Young people have talent but also a lot of questions! What if a future engineer was among them? By offering free activities, tools and resources to schools, we are by your side for support during discoveries and questions that punctuate their orientation course.

Through its collaborative pedagogy program, room for you reiterates its commitment to the next generation. A sector of the future with its 46 professional fields and 12 university programs, engineering will recruit more than 50,000 engineers by 2030.

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