Call for contributions - Panorama of practices for the dissemination of distance learning

REFAD wishes to determine how educational institutions structure their distance learning offer and is launching a call for contributions.

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The Francophone Distance Learning Network of Canada (REFAD) wants to determine how educational institutions structure their distance training offer, as much for students and pupils in initial training as for learners in continuing training, if applicable. We are looking for collaborators to do this.

"The Francophone Distance Education Network of Canada (REFAD will publish in spring 2017 an overview of distribution practices in FAD (distance learning). This study will provide a global portrait of the diversity of online course formats in French-speaking Canada. To do this, we will talk to those in charge of the FAD in three levels of education (secondary, college and university), throughout French-speaking Canada, to determine what solutions they have put in place to meet the specific needs of their various types of education. clienteles.

We believe that in these efforts to find a unique and optimal solution adapted to each particular situation, the French Canadian players in distance education have created a unique ecosystem capable of enlightening their colleagues and optimizing practices. The objective of this study is to take stock of this diversity in order to share best practices as well as challenges and case examples likely to advance thinking and the overall approach to ADF in French Canada.

As the flipped classroom enjoys renewed popularity and massive open online courses have taken off in some institutions, we are looking to determine how each institution structures the distance education offering, both for students and students. students in initial training and for learners in continuing education, if applicable. In terms of the practices and solutions adopted, what progress has been made in terms of the reflection, the tools adopted and the dissemination practices, and what future improvements and experiences are envisaged? What is the role of the teacher and what resources are made available to him, both in terms of autonomous tools and solutions, such as repertoires of proven quality resources, and the possible support of media experts capable of creating tailor-made educational resources?

Aiming to present as accurate a portrait as possible of the diversity of FAD practices, more specifically with regard to online courses in various institutions in French-speaking Canada, we are seeking the collaboration of managers responsible for FAD in the three levels of education. teaching, including that of educational designers, teachers and media experts so that they can inform us of their practices and findings. We particularly want to learn about flagship projects, significant experiences, success stories and lessons learned in order to create an up-to-date reference likely to enlighten and inspire education stakeholders in their future reflections. "

To participate

Those interested should contact our research officer, Mr. Robert Grégoire ( before November 4, 2016 in order allow rapid compilation and analysis of projects and implementation of ADF practices in each institution. Mr. Grégoire will get in touch and conduct an in-depth interview with each of the people who have come forward.

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