MOOZOOM, a platform that helps young people develop socio-emotional skills

Partner | Moozoom offers an explicit teaching approach that immerses students in a fictional universe from which they can create their own story and make connections with their everyday issues.

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Advertorial - Summary of the study surrounding the testing of Moozoom by the Saint-Hyacinthe School Service Center (CSSSH).

The learning and mastery of socio-emotional skills is not only decisive for the academic success of students, but also for the development of their full potential and their socialization. It is in this perspective that a collaborative approach between the CSSSH, moozoom, the CTREQ, and the researchers - Claire Beaumont, full professor at Laval University, and Line Massé, full professor at the University of Quebec in Trois- Rivers, took shape in September 2020 with the objective of testing the moozoom platform in 3 schools.

A year later, a report emerges for school staff who wish to explore a way to optimize socio-emotional learning in their environment. Consult the full version of the report.

Moozoom facilitates the implementation of socio-emotional learning

The first stage of the testing was to develop the conditions of implementation favorable to the development of socio-emotional skills in the school environment. Among these, it was judged that a demonstration of moozoom to the school team was essential to promote the adhesion of staff members. In terms of learning, the modeling videos and other activities available on moozoom, as well as the ease of use of the platform, have helped to support the explicit teaching of socio-emotional skills to students. For a successful systemic implementation, the collaboration between the various members of the school staff (professionals, teachers, educators in the daycare) was essential.

Management leadership: a must.

Management leadership quickly appeared to be essential in the smooth running and success of the implementation of socio-emotional learning. In this regard, a school administration emphasizes the consistency of the moozoom platform with their success plan. Schools that carried out the testing universally (involving all staff) were able to see a greater overall positive impact on student well-being and behavior management. . Insofar as the objective is to develop a common language among the pupils, it is to the advantage of the staff of a school to act in a concerted manner. The videos and moozoom activities have proven to be a binding agent between everything that happens in the classroom, while the flexibility and ease of use offered by the platform have facilitated its implementation at school level.

A teacher from the Roger LaBrèque school of the CSSSH mentioned: “The use of videos makes everything more concrete than just using the discussion. The moozoom platform allowed me to see an impact in students who were more capable of introspection. "

Young people talking to young people

To date, more than 700 schools have seen moozoom as a tool that can make a positive impact on the well-being of their students. This study highlights the potential of a platform whose mission is to simplify socio-emotional learning in schools by building on a solution from which young people talk to young people.

Schools can get a demonstration by clicking here.

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