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On the occasion of the 6th Digital Education Summit, we met Paul Carrière, plastic arts teacher at the FACE school of the CSDM, who shares with us his strategies for developing both artistic and digital skills in students. .

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On the occasion of the 6 th Digital Education Summit which took place on May 3 and 4, 2018 in Montreal, we met Paul Carrière, professor of visual arts at the FACE school of the CS in Montreal, who shared with us his strategies to develop both artistic and digital skills in students, starting at the age of 6.

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

Paul began to exploit the richness of the digital world some twenty years ago, in particular with frame-by-frame video editing, and, as a result, he gradually developed his confidence in these new approaches. Today, he uses strategies that allow him to support his students in the development of their creativity and the discovery of their artistic identity.

In his view, it is important to first introduce children to the visual arts by more traditional means before integrating digital processes. In this interview, Paul explains that his students are a source of inspiration and that he does not hesitate to build projects based on their ideas. His greatest pride: to see students who reinvest what they learned with him in another discipline or outside of school!

Cultural elements and triggers

To inspire the creative spirit of his students, Paul likes to show them films and videos related to the projects they are going to carry out:

In this interview, Paul tells how the integration of digital technology in the visual arts promotes motivation, perseverance, teamwork and sharing with the families of the students. Moreover, we invite you to explore with him the thousand and one possibilities offered by creation with green screen during the CréaCamp which will take place in Montreal on November 1st.

“To create with iPad apps, you have to master them to better inspire students. All projects require courage, organization, energy, daring, personal research and patience ” - Paul Carrière

presents the EDU question
What is the word that allows you to have a positive impact on others?
Paul replied CONFIDENCE. By listening to his interview you will discover what this word means to him.

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