AQUOPS scholarships: maybe it is for you!

AQUOPS is once again offering grants this year to support its members in the integration of technologies in education, to the tune of 200 $ to 2000 $ per grant.

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In this year when digital technology has shown the preponderant role it can play in supporting education, many have encountered technological limits that it might be possible to break down thanks to AQUOPS. Indeed, 5 scholarships could be awarded this year to its members. Apply by March 1!

Indeed, the Quebec Association of Users of Technological Tools for Pedagogical and Social Purposes (AQUOPS) is once again offering grants this year to support its members in the integration of technologies in education, to the tune of 200 $ to 2000 $ by scholarship. They can be used to financially support a project, allow releases, buy equipment or register for an activity, for example. 

Here are some eligibility details. The project must first be presented and piloted by a person who is a member in good standing of AQUOPS, participate in the development of the ICT skills of students and / or teachers, be the subject of a workshop presentation at the next conference, etc. Details can be found on this page.

To become a member of AQUOPS for the year 2021, there are two possibilities: either when registering for the conference from January 2021 (just tick the box "I become a member of AQUOPS"), either by completing the membership form online.

Try your luck and complete the accessible application form from this page by March 1, 2021! 


1. "AQUOPS Innovation"

The challenges in education are numerous. Teachers, pedagogical advisers and other stakeholders must adapt on a daily basis to the reality of the classroom as well as to their clients.

A constant effort to encourage student success is emerging from classrooms across Quebec thanks to innovative ideas, activities and practices. Sometimes these require material or support that cannot be provided by the school or the center.

With this grant, AQUOPS wishes to support the elaboration, development and realization of innovative projects.

2. "AQUOPS Class project"

One of the missions of AQUOPS is "to promote awareness among education agents of the role of information and communication technologies in education, at all school levels and in all disciplines". AQUOPS therefore wishes to help teachers carry out educational projects for their class.

The projects selected for this scholarship must relate to reality in the classroom. They must propose an improvement in the effectiveness of ICT interventions or the development of new educational activities with an ICT value in one of the following two categories.

at. Projects for students with special needs
The needs of students with learning difficulties are manifold. The use of technological assistance tools is often beneficial and it is possible to find activities or ways to differentiate your teaching in order to help these students to succeed. 

b. Projects for school perseverance
The observation is no longer to be made. Although the portrait of early school leaving has improved in recent years, still too many students leave school without obtaining their diploma. Without being a panacea, the use of technology can help motivate and arouse the interest of some students.

AQUOPS wishes to offer teachers the possibility of proposing projects of technopedagogical value, the aim of which is to support students' academic perseverance. Projects can also be aimed at students who return to school after a certain period of time.

3. "AQUOPS Research project"

The realization in the classroom of projects or activities resulting from research results is not always easy. Faithful to its mission, AQUOPS wants to support the realization of research activities on the educational applications of new information technologies.

AQUOPS fervently wishes to help bring educational projects resulting from research to fruition in the classroom. The projects selected must be accompanied by a summary of the research from which they originate, as well as a presentation of their achievement in class.

Note that for equal value, projects resulting from Quebec research will be given priority to those from outside the territory.

4. "AQUOPS Green

Technology brings us undeniable advantages in everyday life. However, this does not come without compensation and our tools have a significant ecological footprint. We have a responsibility for their use.

Working with technology in an environmentally friendly way is a great challenge that AQUOPS fervently wishes to join. This grant therefore helps to put forward projects that provide a sustainable eco-responsible solution.

5. "AQUOPS - Partners"

Partner grants allow technopedagogical professionals to offer AQUOPS members the opportunity to obtain funding for projects. Each partner defines the terms of its scholarship in accordance with the values of AQUOPS.

Bursary for non-members

Offered byNetworked school, a grant of 1,500 $ distributed among the group of teachers for their presence in professional development activities (release, travel, registrations), purchase of equipment or participation in educational activities with their students.

Exceptionally, it is not necessary to be a member of AQUOPS to submit a project to this Partner Grant. Membership of the association will be offered to laureates in this category who are not yet members.

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