Les Libraires network launches, the first reading-sharing platform in Quebec

The network of independent booksellers in Quebec invites you to join the brand new social book platform,

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On the occasion of the Salon international du livre de Québec, the Les libraires network is launching, the first major reading sharing platform in Quebec, giving you the floor. Dedicated to becoming a hub for audiences interested in interacting with other book enthusiasts, is not adding to the already long list of social networks, but rather invites you to join the conversation around books.

After having created your profile, you will be able enrich your personalized page (popular books, lists of books to read, etc.), testify to your reading experience(comments, rating, etc.) and view comments other readers. You will also meet on your independent booksellers who have a Bookseller profile and will feed the platform with comments and reading suggestions.

With, the Les libraires network allows you to express yourself as a reader and to develop a sense of belonging to a vibrant and growing community of readers.

Want even more details? See here the Press release!

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