April will be an opportunity to act for the planet

Earth Day Canada has a challenge for the month of April: participate in the Act for the Planet challenge, in particular by carrying out ecological, healthy and easy-to-do educational activities.

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Earth Day Canada has a challenge for the month of April: participate in the challenge Act for the planet in particular by carrying out ecological, healthy and easy-to-do educational activities.

Earth Day Canada's EcoKids program is a chance for preschool, elementary and junior high school children (ages 4-14) to get involved and win prizes from Sony Canada. Activities can be carried out in French or in English.

First of all, the teams must choose one of the 5 actions put forward this year by the organization. Each can also be done individually.

1. Make a nesting box for insects
By creating simple insect nesting boxes, we invite pollinating insects as well as pest predator eaters into gardens and green spaces.

2. Growing and eating the sprouted seeds
Easy to grow and very tasty, sprouted seeds are an example of organic cultivation that can be done in groups or at home.

3. Reconnect with nature
Plan an outing to relax and explore nature!

4. Exchanging used items
Swapping out items that are no longer useful for items that you need is a good way to reduce your impact on the environment.

5. Carry out a campaign promoting the stopping of the engine of parked vehicles
A form of pollution that would be so easy to avoid. Yet many people still don't realize it ...

On the site, the actions are explained and additional information is offered to children. Detailed and very informative realization guides are provided to accompany the step by step process. Once their action has been chosen, they must register (or mandate someone to register the group) using the form provided.

The prize draw will take place on May 6 and the winners will be notified the next day. For groups, the first prize consists of a Sony HD camera for each member! The second prize is an e-reader for each of the students in the group.

Remember that Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. In Quebec, you can also consult the activities offered by the organization Earth Day Quebec.

What are you going to do to mark Earth Day?

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