Launch of the first Allô teacher terminal in a public place

(Press release) A new tool has appeared in the colorful children's section of the Saint-Charles library. Two meters high, it captures attention with its large median touch screen, its aluminum structure and the call from its upper screen: “Come ask your questions! ". This is the Allô prof.

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(Press release) A new tool has appeared in the colorful children's section of the Saint-Charles library. Two meters high, it captures attention with its large median touch screen, its aluminum structure and the call from its upper screen: “Come ask your questions! ". This is the Allô prof.

Made in Quebec and specially configured for Allô prof services, it is integrated for the first time in a public space, widely frequented by neighborhood children.

“We are once again extremely proud to contribute to the influence of Allô prof among the Quebec population. This first interactive terminal accessible to all will certainly play a positive role in the educational progress of many young people, ”said Jacynthe Coté, CEO of Rio Tinto Alcan, a major player in school perseverance in Quebec. “It is important to increase concrete efforts to encourage school perseverance throughout Quebec and ensure a promising future for our children and future generations. Every gesture counts. A second terminal offered by Rio Tinto Alcan will be installed in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region by spring 2012.

For the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Ms. Line Beauchamp, “the installation of a first Allô teacher terminal in a public place such as the Saint-Charles library will promote the academic success of students. since they will benefit from easy access to the many resources offered by the organization. The government is proud to financially support such a great initiative carried out in partnership with community and private sectors, because it is by working together that we will continue to improve educational success in Quebec ”.

Straddling the arcade game and the automatic teller machine, the Allô prof kiosk is a “school explanatory counter” offering a variety of homework assistance services. It blocks, young people have a question, want to revise in a fun way? They can talk to a teacher in cyber classes, practice exercisers and educational games, watch an explanation in the video clips, or find information on the hundreds of concepts they learn in school in the library. Virtual.

“The Montreal Libraries have always been committed to helping students by supporting them in their school work. The Allô prof kiosk is a practical tool that beautifully complements the printed and digital resources available in the harmonized network that brings together the 43 libraries of the City of Montreal. Thanks to the services it offers, the Allô prof kiosk will be able to offer direct support to students in their schoolwork and answer specific questions that arise during their apprenticeship ”, declared Mrs. Helen Fotopulos, responsible for culture and heritage. , design and the status of women on the executive committee of the City of Montreal.

For Mr. Benoît Dorais, mayor of the Sud-Ouest borough, “if it takes a village to raise a child, I believe that it takes a whole nation to educate our children and lead them towards their academic success and their development. As many partners gathered around this first Allô prof kiosk in a Montreal public library, it is a clear signal that Quebecers are always mobilizing more for their children. In the South-West, we want our libraries to be even more at the service of young people and their future. We are convinced that this new tool will support them in carrying out their schoolwork outside the classroom and arouse their thirst for learning. "

The project is directly in line with Allô prof's philosophy, which is to offer academic support wherever young people are. “The installation of the Allô teacher terminal in a public library is a concrete response to a recurring message: the school cannot do everything alone! Organizations, businesses and associations must work together to support schools and families and ensure that our young people continue and complete their studies, ”underlines Sandrine Faust, Executive Director at Allô prof.

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