iPad: Entertaining application to improve your vocabulary

Les Chausse-Trappes de Bernard is an iPad application that was created and developed in Quebec to quickly put us in contact with a multitude of words among the most beautiful in the French language.

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The diversity of words in the French language is such that you generally have to read a lot in order to expand your vocabulary. Fortunately, and despite the influx of smartphones and tablets in recent years, young people aged 15-24 apparently read just a little less magazines and magazines, but read more books, including electronic media and available books. on the Internet. See the document " Statistical look at youth ”(Section 6.1, reading as a cultural activity, page 124) from the Institut de la statistique du Québec.

Bernard's Chausse-Trappes is an iPad application that was created and developed in Quebec and which is precisely designed to quickly put us in contact with a multitude of words among the most beautiful in the French language. This application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is available on the App Store under the name CT Bernard for a few weeks now.

The application CT Bernard comes in the form of an easy-to-play word game with a gentle musical environment that promotes focus and learning. The game presents tables of five words and five definitions that must be matched correctly. After three tries in game mode, the board switches to educational mode, making it easier to find a solution. It also provides easy access to automated searches on online dictionaries and synonym websites, for greater ownership of newly discovered words. The application CT Bernard It is therefore not just a one-off-solution puzzle, but definitely a word game designed from an educational perspective.

This iPad game application still allows you to publish your score on the Game Center, by email and on certain social networks. The application also allows you to play with friends or parents during a family get-together, with Turn-to-Turn mode which allows up to six players to play on iPad (four on iPhone and iPod Touch). The application CT Bernard therefore presents thousands of words of the French language which only aspire to be discovered thanks to a game accessible to all.

The creator of the game, Bernard ringuet has filed a copyright for this game concept. The copyrights of other resource providers are also respected and are presented in the credits page of the application. The application CT Bernard for iOS, was produced and produced by Erusën Inc.

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