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IBI: the web application that will change the way you assess

We met Catherine Michaud, teacher in the Voie d'Avenir program at Collège Saint-Bernard, who won the Education component of the Coopérathon thanks to her visionary Web application project to evaluate differently.

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Catherine Michaud is interested in assessment strategies that shed light on student progress. This interest led her to Cooperathon, where she won the Education stream with a visionary web application project to assess otherwise. Meeting with an innovative teacher and educational designer!

The IBI application is the realization of a dream that Catherine had been pursuing for several years: to create a platform to evaluate and offer, in real time, means of improvement to students. The name of the application comes from a Latin word which means "there". For Catherine, this choice was judicious since it is a word which represents at the same time a direction (an objective) and a downtime ("Madam, what am I doing? the? ").

Students at the heart of their progress

In this interview, Catherine presents her app and explains that teachers who want to use it must adopt a active pedagogy. In fact, with IBI, it is the student who first self-assesses, then the teacher provides feedback by recording traces of the discussions in real time. What Catherine particularly likes is that the app allows you to measure things that don't appear on any traditional newsletter, like the student well-being.

We invite you to listen to this interview to find out what the IBI application allows: more time to interact with your students, less formal assessment to give to students and no corrections to take home!

“I hope that a large number of teachers will be able to do things that are more like them thanks to this application! " - Catherine Michaud

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