February: a time to "Dare to transform thanks to technology"

It is under the theme Dare the metamorphosis that is held in February the Month of culture at school. For teachers lacking inspiration, the Culture Month website offers activity leads, additional resources and videos of projects carried out by students.

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It is under the theme Dare the metamorphosis that in February is Culture Month at school. For teachers lacking inspiration, the Culture Month website offers activity leads, additional resources and videos of projects carried out by students.

Culture Month at School is an opportunity for teachers to carry out cultural projects regardless of their teaching discipline. Integrating a cultural dimension is not necessarily easy. This is why the Culture Month website suggests several useful links and activities.

"For two years on the site, we have been offering a table that groups together many proposals for cultural benchmarks to use in connection with the theme," says Nicole Turcotte, member of the monitoring team for the Culture-Education Action Plan at the ministry. of Education, Leisure and Sport (MELS) of Quebec. You can also find additional resources offered by the Carrefour education portal.

It is also possible to view on the site capsules produced by schools on cultural projects related to the theme of the month of culture. According to Ms. Turcotte, "short online videos therefore offer a new didactic and educational tool since they act as a form of modeling teachers' practices with culture".

Technology is found this year at the very heart of the theme. " The theme Dare the metamorphosis brings us to the territory of transformation, characteristic of any culture which is by definition dynamic and evolving, ”explains the production coordinator.

One of the three axes this year is entitled Man and machine. “The technological dimension is essential when we talk about culture since it transforms and can even transform our ways of being together, of perceiving ourselves and of projecting ourselves into the future,” recalls Ms. Turcotte. " Dare the metamorphosis from the angle of Man and machine is a pretext or an opportunity to question the students about the place that technology occupies in their lives. "

Culture Month at School takes place as part of the program Culture at school which aims to encourage and multiply the cultural experiences lived by the pupils. On the MELS website, you can also find the theme song, performed by Boum Desjardins, accompanied by scores for many instruments. This is a good idea to integrate music lessons into any project!

To have :
This video capsule explains how students have transformed, using software, texts on the environment into a multimedia presentation.

By Virginie Gagnon

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