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FCCF launches second phase of La ruchée arts education lab

Press Release - The Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (FCCF) announces the launch of the second phase of La ruchée, a project whose mission is to develop accessible, useful and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the arts education community in the Canadian and Acadian Francophonie. 

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The initiative puts the power of arts education to work for Canada's Francophone education and community stakeholders

Communicated - The French Canadian Cultural Federation (FCCF) announces the launch of the second phase of The hiveThe mission of this project is to develop accessible, useful and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the arts education community in the Canadian and Acadian Francophonie. 

Following the success of the first phase, the FCCF obtained an additional $1.9 million in funding from Canadian Heritage to continue the activities of La ruchée until 2024. This renewed funding confirms the validity of the mission and the quality of the expertise of La ruchée's stakeholders and experts. Since 2020, La ruchée's initiatives have supported the arts education community and Francophone communities across the country by addressing the needs of teachers and the education sector to promote staff retention in a context of shortage. 

Building on two years of experimentation and learning in the field, La ruchée will be testing on a larger scale the solutions aimed at equipping and supporting teachers in and through the arts in the coming months. 

Under the direction of Marie-Ève Desormeaux, Director of Content at La ruchée, the team is back in the field today with its first project: a mentorship program in arts education. More than 21 teachers accompanied by 7 mentors are participating in the Winter 2023 cohort.

These participants are in more than 7 Canadian provinces and territories. Francophone communities in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Northwest Territories are joining this important initiative for the Canadian Francophonie.

Nearly 40 pre-service teacher candidates will also participate on March 2 and 14 in the Building creative confidence offered in partnership with the University of Regina's Baccalauréat en éducation française and the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Education, respectively.

In the fall of 2023, participants from across the country, both teachers and artists/educators, will also be invited to participate in A program for the design of artistic educational activities and a professional development service. Practitioners can contact The Hive now to participate in this community of practice which will be launched in the coming weeks. 

Proud of the concrete intersectoral work that the FCCF is doing with the education community, Nancy Juneau, president of the FCCF, is delighted that La ruchée is continuing its mission. "We firmly believe in the power of the arts as a vehicle of choice for developing and maintaining a confident and inclusive cultural identity among Francophones in minority settings. The launch of this second phase allows us to take our support for the arts education community even further. All of our efforts contribute to the quality and sustainability of Francophone education across Canada. Thanks to this new funding, we are continuing to take structuring measures in cooperation with our valued partners. 

The first phase of the project saw six prototypes deployed across the country. These small-scale experiments have had concrete results for participating teachers, such as reducing their sense of isolation and improving their confidence in teaching the arts. In order to ensure that La ruchée's offerings meet important needs in Canada's Francophone communities, the project has the support of 18 French-language school board leaders across Canada, more than 60 teachers and over 50 professional artists from various artistic disciplines across the country, as well as the involvement of over 200 parents from coast to coast. 

The initiatives led by La ruchée are made possible by the financial support of the Government of Canada. 

About the FCCF 

The French Canadian Cultural Federation (FCCF) is the only political voice for the arts and culture in the Canadian and Acadian Francophonie. As a key reference on the political and community levels, it has positioned the arts and culture sector as an essential driver of vitality and development in our communities for over 40 years. The Federation brings together 22 leading members from across Canada: 13 provincial and territorial organizations that contribute to the cultural and artistic development of their region, 7 organizations representing - at the national level - the media arts, visual arts, song and music, publishing, theater, as well as a performing arts association and an alliance of community radio stations. It is also proud to coordinate the national PassepART micro-financing program. 

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About The hive 

Our art education laboratory La ruchée s mission is to develop accessible, useful and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the arts education community in the Canadian and Acadian Francophonie. La ruchée responds to the needs of teachers and the education sector in order to provide access to quality Francophone arts education across the country. To learn more about the pilot projects currently being deployed, visit the website laruchee.ca

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