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On the occasion of the 6th Digital Education Summit, we attended the presentation of the Le Relais Catholic high school team who set up Options +, a program that does things differently with grade 11 and 12 students. .

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On the occasion of the 6e Digital summit in education which took place on May 3 and 4, 2018 in Montreal, we attended the presentation of the team of the Catholic high school Le Relais who set up options +, a program that does things differently with 11 studentse and 12e year. We met Marie-Josée Larocque (French and arts teacher) and Lori Fraser (director) to present to you what they have achieved.

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

For the first year, students aged 16 and 17 have the opportunity to take part in the options + program and the positive results are already being noticed. In this innovative program, students use their interests to develop tailor-made programming based on their goals and employment prospects. They even go so far as to determine the tasks to be performed, the desired learning outcomes and the evaluation criteria. All this while meeting the expectations of the ministry's curriculum and respecting the requirements of the post-secondary programs in which they wish to enroll. A complementary team of three teachers, with the support of colleagues and members of the community, support the students in this process. Their role, like that of the pupils, is completely transformed.

“For several years, we have wondered why our young people shine in extracurriculars and no longer shine when they are in their classes? How to transpose this passion inside the classroom? - Lori Fraser

Listen to the interview to learn about the challenges the team faced in implementing the options + program and the strategies used to innovate “inside the box”.

To follow the news of the options + program, follow the school on Twitter: @ESCLeRelais.

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Stephanie Dionne
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