From elementary to college: Web resources to discover for improving French

Each year, the Collegial Center for the Development of Educational Materials (CCDMD) lists the best websites for improving written French. This year, the “Web Directory for Improving French 2013-2014” includes the description of 105 Web resources likely to be of interest to anyone wishing to improve their French.

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Each year the College center for the development of teaching materials (CCDMD) lists the best websites for improving written French. This year the " Web directory for improving French 2013-2014 »Includes descriptions of 105 Web resources that may be of interest to anyone wishing to improve their French.

The sites listed by the College center for the development of teaching materials (CCDMD) were first selected on the basis of the quality of their content. Each of the sites selected therefore responds, in one way or another, to criteria concerning, for example, grammar rules, conjugation, feminization of nouns and even diction. The person who consults the directory is therefore assured of finding sites that can reliably support him in his quest to improve the language of Molière.

The educational aspect of the sites was also an important review criterion. Those containing formative exercises, interactive games or displaying educational aims were considered relevant and several were retained on this basis. In the end, the directory contains dozens of sites on which it is possible to learn while having fun. In addition, most of the sites in the directory are accessible free of charge.

It would be wrong to think that, since produced by the CCDMD, the directory and the sites it contains are intended only for post-secondary students. From the first page of the document, we can read that it is addressed to “[…] anyone wishing to improve the quality of their French. »Primary and secondary school teachers will find it beneficial to improve their skills and find new teaching ideas. Students of all levels of study will also benefit from consulting it in order to enrich their resource bank.

The electronic version of the directory is available free of charge on the CCDMD website. It is also possible to order a printed version, at a cost of 5.99 $.

The site is updated every year, generally in the spring. So stay tuned for the next directory to gain access to the best French language improvement sites.

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Dominic Leblanc
Dominic leblanc
A graduate in sociology, Dominic Leblanc is an educational advisor in the Programs and Educational Development Department of the Cégep régional de Lanaudière in L'Assomption.

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