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You could not attend the event Clair 2013 To see education differently? The strength of the network and the sharing means that many traces have been left on the Web by participants. We almost have the impression that we can relive the conference! Brief return ...

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You could not attend the event Clair 2013 To see education differently? The strength of the network and the sharing means that many traces have been left on the Web by participants. We almost have the impression that we can relive the conference! Brief return ...

Clair, a small village in northwestern New Brunswick, was animated with an extraordinary educational passion from January 31 to February 2. A record number of 270 people, teachers and education professionals from all over, gathered there for a conference aimed at improving their knowledge of Web 2.0 and seeing education differently.

The director of the Haut-Madawaska Learning Center (where the event was held), Mr. Roberto Gauvin, compiled a list of traces published on the Internet about Clair 2013. It can be viewed here.

Among these traces, we discover the Brigitte Léonard post. In 2012, she viewed the conference lectures on the Web. She says she then experienced one of the strongest moments of professional inspiration of her career. She promised herself to participate in the next edition, and that is exactly what she did: “What I admired the most in the different moments of the Colloquium (conferences, forum of winning practices, visit of the classes , Bar Camp, meals and more), it is the authenticity of the people. Clair is a living environment where the joy of learning and living in community shines through. Students and teachers are happy, proud and open. "

For his part, Mario Asselin, former school principal, was present for a fourth year. He summarizes in his post the strength of the network to break the isolation: "In reaction to the interventions of the speakers, by a testimony on what they observe at the CAHM or quite simply by bouncing on what they read on the Twitter thread, several hundred educators participate in a large conversation on multiple subjects that breaks the pedagogical isolation of which many complain in their environment and thus, guides practices that aim to teach people using information and communication technologies when it presents a problem. advantage of doing so. "

And we can read many more! For Jean Doré, “Participation in this conference is an incredible stimulus, an immeasurable pool of ideas. Far from being a meeting of techno-freaks, Clair 2013 is rather a dream opportunity to share with people who care about education and pedagogy. It is a powerful antidote to the bites of boredom, to the poison of laziness. "

In addition to traces of participants, Mr. Gauvin's list allows you to see or read student productions related to the event. For example, a newsletter students of the ENVOL component of CAHM-TV produced during visits to the educational fair, retrospectives of students who express what they thought of the conference (here and here and here also) and some memories photos.

It is possible to review the conferences of the colloquium via this web page. There is the opening conference, the round table "Who am I on the Web?" », The conference of Darren Kuropatwa, that of Ewan MacIntosh, then the testimony of Sébastien Stasse.

To make sure you don't miss anything from the next edition, we suggest you follow the director and main organizer, Roberto Gauvin, on Twitter (@gauviroo).

Editor's Note: École branchée, publisher of, invites you to participate in the event EdCamp Quebec, which will take place on May 17th. Although the formula is different, this day will also allow a great professional renewal and networking opportunities between passionate educators!

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