Suggestions for beautiful books for Christmas!

Scholastic Publishing has the gift of offering books full of magic. Here is a nice selection to spoil your little ones this year. On the menu: Frisson the squirrel, the essential guide to Santa Claus, ideas for reusing LEGOs and a "seek and find" album.

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Scholastic Publishing has the gift of offering books full of magic. Here is a nice selection to spoil your little ones this year. On the menu: Frisson the squirrel, the essential guide to Santa Claus, ideas for reusing LEGOs and a “seek and find” type album.

Thrill the squirrel is getting ready for Christmas
3 years and +
By Mélanie Watt
Scholastic Editions, 19.99 $, 80 pages in color

Frisson offers her tips for surviving the holiday season: choosing the perfect outfit, finding the perfect gifts, etc. Very funny, this book is a happy mix between a children's album, a practical guide, a magazine and an information booklet. One thing is certain, it is overflowing with humor from cover to cover and we can guarantee that adults will enjoy reading it as much as children. Quebec author Mélanie Watt's albums have been translated into 23 languages and are sold all over the world!

The essential guide to Santa Claus
5 years and +
By Christopher Edge, translated by Groupe Syntagme inc.
Scholastic editions, 19.99 $, 20 color pages

This work is particularly astonishing. This is a guide written by the elves for Santa Claus, in case he forgets his job! It reveals all the secrets allowing the bearded old man to spoil the children on Christmas night. It reveals in great detail the operation of the sled and its advanced technologies, the personality of each of the reindeer, the ideal route to take (with a reminder of the code of the celestial highway), the delivery of gifts, the roof entry into houses, and much more. The book is truly three-dimensional: there are countless flaps, some pages shine and there is even a bag of stardust inside! Suggestion: give it to children before Christmas so that they can bathe in the magic!

Do you see what i see The little Express
6 years and +
By Walter Wick, translated by Hélène Pilotto
Scholastic editions, 19.99 $, 40 color pages

This magnificent album promises great family moments. It is a question of locating, in the particularly superb photographs, various objects listed in the margin. A very simple concept that will provide a lot of fun. The little Express is a pretty wooden train that runs through different rooms, between the toy workshop where it was created and the house that will host it. Very much in the spirit of the Holidays!

The LEGO Factory: Put Your Ideas Together
7 years and +
By Daniel Lipkowitz and builders fans
Scholastic Editions, 29.99 $, 200 color pages

The premise is fantastic: "What to do with those hundreds of little pieces of LEGO all mixed up that pile up in bins?" ". This book offers hundreds of ideas, tips and tricks for creating new models from various parts. Unfortunately, all the ideas offered always fit together perfectly and often require very specialized small pieces, which made me a little disillusioned. Despite everything, the guide is a treat to go through and it promises to rekindle interest in these small blocks which cross the generations ...

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