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To learn to organize, you have to participate actively. Thus, the Studyo application was designed to be more than a digital calendar. It relies on a skill essential to the academic and professional development of students: organization!

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits member companies of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Studyo, one of the founding companies of the Edteq Association!

To learn to organize, you have to participate actively. Thus, the Studyo application was designed to be more than a digital calendar. It relies on a skill essential to the academic and professional development of students: organization!


Give students back an active role in their planning

Guilty! Hey yes, the founder of Studyo, Renaud Boisjoly, considers himself guilty! About what? Having already drawn the same conclusion as many schools and having assumed that a digital calendar was sufficient for students to be able to organize themselves at school and replace the paper diary on a daily basis.

Integrated online calendars, portals and LMSs (Learning Management Systems) are all tools that seem a priori to solve an organizational problem for the student by presenting his schedule and deadlines.

Apparently not. After leaving the ranks of the education team of Apple Canada, with which he accompanied for 19 years various actors in the world of education in their technopedagogical turn, Renaud Boisjoly realized, through the eyes of the most innovative schools , that this was not possible. The school agenda was not at all easy to replace.

In fact, the easier it becomes for teachers to publish content, deadlines, exam dates and other information digitally, the less active the student plays in planning. All the tools available only allow the teacher greater control. But to develop good working and organizational methods, the student must play an active role!


A tool focused on the development of organizational skills

Following this observation, Renaud joined forces with a team of programmers, all of whom had a desire to help students face the new reality of today's world, where autonomy is paramount, and he guided the development of Studyo. This application is student-centered and directly involves them in their daily planning choices. Metacognition becomes the key element and students are encouraged to think about their planning, not just consuming dates.

Several discoveries mark the development path of Studyo:

  1. The presentation of tasks via a visual language different from the periods of the course, that is to say icons visible within the courses.
  2. The presentation of tasks for all subjects on a timeline, ranging from announcement dates to due dates.
  3. Give the student the control to decide when to start each task and how to subdivide it, in addition to self-management of its accomplishments.

Over time, teachers have also become of paramount importance as many of them want to use Studyo for their own planning.


Bring all tasks together in one place thanks to an open architecture

In 2017, a big challenge arose. Teachers often use multiple platforms that they feel comfortable with and that meet their educational needs. But for students and parents, this is a problem, as it becomes difficult to plan items advertised in multiple places.

With good reason, some teachers did not want to have to learn a new work environment at the start of the school year, being already overwhelmed. They were used to tools like Google Classroom ™ to publish information for their students. The Studyo team has therefore developed an architecture allowing direct integration of other platforms, such as Google Classroom ™, Moodle ™ and many others.

The goal was achieved, an open and flexible architecture that could query other platforms automatically in order to allow students to see all their tasks in one place and plan everything.


Needs identified by students and teachers

Today, Studyo helps tens of thousands of students to organize themselves every day, all year round and 95 % schools renew from year to year. Studyo is even used in the United States in ten schools, including some of the most prestigious, such St-Francis Prep and Gilford School.

“If Studyo has succeeded in establishing itself in schools in Quebec and elsewhere, explains Renaud Boisjoly, it is absolutely thanks to the great collaboration of the teachers who have referred us to their needs and those of their students in terms of development. organizational skills. The students have greatly influenced our platform and it is thanks to these that key elements have been added, such as taking pictures of the board to create tasks, the timeline and the addition of steps. "

The Studyo team is very proud to offer a tool that encourages the participation and active development of students' organizational skills in order to better prepare them for the world of work, where the ability to effectively manage their time is essential.

Studyo is also one of the founding members of the Edteq Association!


To find out more about Studyo:

Twitter: @studyo_en
Facebook :
Website :

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