Clip tone 514: 450 young people involved in a film project!

Four hundred and fifty young high school filmmakers participated in the Clip ton 514 project this year. The project achieved a record result for its fifth edition.

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Four hundred and fifty young high school filmmakers participated in the project Clip your 514 this year. The project achieved a record result for its fifth edition.

Twenty teams from Montreal high schools tasted the world of cinema during an entire school year in order to produce various short films on the theme "Pursuing intercultural dialogue". The Youth Forum of the Island of Montreal and the CRÉ of Montreal, by supporting the project, thus wish to encourage a better dialogue between young immigrants and young people of the host society.

A project for school perseverance

The team of Clip your 514 observed significant impact of the program on learning French, and in particular on school perseverance. Students in welcome and special education classes, as well as at-risk youth, have participated with commitment and passion in the creation of committed short films. Clip your 514 every year, gives the floor to young Montrealers.

The eight months of work involved in the project allow the students to take more interest in and stick to school. Moreover, in addition to being supported by the program team, the young people are accompanied by university film students, who force them to push their creativity and shape their ideas while respecting the technical constraints of the program. . The involvement of young people in this fifth edition totaled more than 6,500 hours of work.

Engaged dialogues, denunciation of rejection, cultural diversity and catastrophic scenarios have jostled in this race for refined short films. What to give the bite of the cinema and the commitment to the participants, as well as to the public to which the hundreds of young people, by their writings and their images, addressed themselves.

The participants in the project were rewarded on May 7 at a Hollywood-style gala. The short films presented offered multiple and young perspectives on the realities of the marriage of cultures in the metropolis.

Twelve teams came away with different prizes, honoring among other things the script, the direction, the editing as well as the involvement and the improvement of the young people.

To watch the short films of the participating teams, it's here.

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