Alloprof's confirmed pandemic impact: Study reveals that the organism is a valuable ally for students and parents

Press release - Alloprof has unveiled the results of a national study carried out in collaboration with the Center for Studies on Learning and Performance (CEAP) at UQAM. In addition to demonstrating the importance of Alloprof's resources in the educational success of students, the results highlight the extent of the educational support offered by parents during the pandemic.

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Communicated - Alloprof unveiled the results of a national study carried out in collaboration with UQAM's Center for Studies on Learning and Performance (CEAP). In addition to demonstrating the importance of Alloprof's resources in the educational success of students, the results highlight the extent of the educational support offered by parents during the pandemic.

More use of Alloprof resources

More than ever, Alloprof is at the heart of Quebec families: the organization has supported 90,000 more students in their school career since the start of the pandemic, for a total of 550,000 students during the 2020-2021 school year. It should be remembered that Alloprof had benefited from an additional investment from the Ministry of Education in order to set up new educational support and accompaniment services for students in difficulty.

According to the study, nearly 70 % of elementary and secondary school students used Alloprof more or started using it when schooled at home. In elementary school, Alloprof was mostly consulted at the request of parents to help children with their homework. In high school, the resources of the organization were instead used independently by adolescents wishing to have better results and pass their assessments. More than 30 % of primary school students and 25 % of secondary school students were also given tasks by their teachers to perform on Alloprof.

“School closures and the various measures that followed coincided with an increase of over 60 % in Alloprof attendance. The results clearly attest that during this exceptional period, Alloprof turned out to be a lifeline for both students and their parents, and that the organization supported thousands of teachers across Quebec ”, explains Marc- Antoine Tanguay, Director of Strategy at Alloprof.

“This study clearly shows the importance of redoubling our efforts to offer all possible resources to support our students. The very positive impact that Alloprof had during the pandemic on young people and families in Quebec positions the organization as a key player in student success. We are proud to have supported Alloprof in the accomplishment of our common mission ”, rejoices Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education.

Much more time spent on homework

The study also indicates that the unusual context had a considerable impact on the average time spent by parents helping their child with homework. This increased by 120 % at the primary level to reach 7.75 hours per week, and by 40 % at the secondary level, or 5 hours per week, when school was done from home.

“We have always teamed up with parents to promote academic success, and we see that this has been even more beneficial in times of COVID. Among other things, we have seen the number of parents subscribing to our newsletter doubling since the start of the pandemic. More than 80,000 of them are now informed of the latest tips, advice and educational resources from Alloprof, ”adds Marc-Antoine Tanguay.

Efficient and accessible services for all in times of pandemic

Another important finding of the UQAM CEAP study is that Alloprof is proving to be a democratic solution also used by different school populations, regardless of the gender of the students, their potential diagnosis of learning disability, their school performance, their parents 'income or their parents' level of education. 

“We have also observed, according to the data collected, that the perceived efficiency of the use of Alloprof's resources increases with the increase in their frequency of use. It's a virtuous circle: the more a young person uses Alloprof, the more he considers that it helps him in his academic success, ”explains Isabelle Gauvin, research director at UQAM's CEAP.

Even more tailored services that make a real difference

Since the start of the pandemic, Alloprof has relentlessly deployed new technological solutions to transform academic challenges into successes, including the Mutual Aid Zone, a collaborative space that provides explanations seven days a week, a chat service with its teachers and MiniRécups, remedial lessons in the form of interactive videos, to review essential knowledge in less than 30 minutes.

Thanks to this more precise portrait of students' habits and reflexes, Alloprof plans to continue improving its Web platform to make the experience even more personalized.

“We want students to immediately feel that once they are logged in, this site has been created for them and that they can easily find the best tools to meet their needs ... even when they do not know exactly what is its need, which frequently happens among those who are experiencing difficulties, ”concludes the spokesperson.

Alloprof continues to offer free personalized support thanks to its team of nearly 200 teachers and education professionals in 14 regions of Quebec, from Abitibi-Témiscamingue to the Côte-Nord, who answer questions from students and their parents Monday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  

Highlights of the study results

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