Pierre Lefebvre: Supporting teachers in using the iPad

The digital pedagogy advisor explains to us how the support for teachers is going in the use of iPad tablets in his environment.

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Pierre Lefebvre is a digital pedagogy advisor at Commission scolaire des Navigateurs. In this interview, he presents to us how support for the use of iPad tablets was set up in his community.

The iPad is used differently from a computer and research shows that a personal use of this tool by the teacher allows an easier transfer to an educational context.

The team of pedagogical advisers has set up a series of training courses for teachers to discover and better use the iPad in the classroom. An initial training was offered to learn the basics of the tool and take ownership of its main features. Thereafter, the teachers are guided towards an exploitation based on their pedagogical needs as well as those of their pupils. Finally, in the continuity of their support approach, they have set up training on classroom management, multimedia and gamification. Teachers are therefore more and more comfortable with iPad tablets and can even ask for individual help in addition to viewing video capsules of ideas to be produced in class.

According to Pierre Lefebvre, this formula really works: “We created a monster, the teachers constantly want to go further! "

Twitter: @P_Lefebvre

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