Desmos: when creativity comes into math class

Nous avons rencontré Frédéric Ouellet, CP à la CS Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup. Il nous parle du logiciel Desmos pour réaliser des projets créatifs à partir d’équations mathématique et nous présente un outil qui permet de consolider les apprentissages : la corde à linge mathématique!

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We met Frédéric Ouellet, educational advisor in mathematics and science at CS Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup and member of the GRMS board of directors. He tells us about the Desmos software to carry out creative projects from mathematical equations and presents us a tool that allows us to consolidate learning: the mathematical clothesline!

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

What is Desmos? It is an increasingly popular web application that allows you to draw graphs and take students' creativity to the limit. They can create representations that interest them (logos, drawings, comic book characters) from mathematical equations. Frédéric emphasizes that Desmos adapts to different levels and that the application can be used by the teacher as much to present mathematical concepts on the board in a dynamic and visual way as to put the students in action.

To see examples of projects carried out by Secondary V students, it's this way.

What about the mathematical clothesline? It is a technique to teach visually and with the help of concrete manipulations among other things the relationship between numbers, fractions and basic notions in algebra.

To view the resources for this approach, it's this way.

Frédéric is delighted that the community of mathematics teachers in Quebec is so dynamic. Collaboration, innovation, integration of technology, the desire to improve and change ways of doing things in order to motivate and improve student success are part of everyday life.

We invite you to listen to the interview to learn more about two tools that make mathematics learning more concrete and dynamic and that make it easier for students to understand.

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