A school version and a new partnership for the Planitou platform

Press release - The Quebec platform Planitou, which monitors children's development and facilitates communication between education professionals and parents, is launching a new version adapted for preschool, school and HDAA classes of the Quebec, as well as the signing of a brand new partnership with the RÉCIT national service for preschool education.

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Montreal, September 30, 2020 - Planitou, a digital platform for monitoring child development that facilitates and improves communication between education professionals and parents, announces the official launch of its brand new version adapted for classes in preschool, school and education. HDAA du Québec, as well as the signing of a brand new partnership with the RÉCIT national service for preschool education.

A Quebec company unveiled in 2018, the Planitou platform is used daily by more than 6,000 educators for the benefit of more than 50,000 children in the early childhood network.

As Jonathan Thivierge, president and founder of Planitou, indicates, the unprecedented times caused by COVID-19 have accelerated the development of the brand new school version of the digital platform: “Already collaborating with several schools as part of pilot projects , the absolute priority at Planitou has been to find a way to help teachers and parents, for the sake of the children of Quebec, ”said Mr. Thivierge.

“Basically, the school version of Planitou is a school diary and a digital portfolio, to which we have added a powerful videoconferencing system that can be easily handled by the student, without the need for supervision,” continued its president. . “In the event of a class or school closing, the school version of Planitou will allow all stakeholders and families to switch quickly and efficiently to distance education mode. If everything goes well in face-to-face mode, and we cross our fingers that this is the case, the digital diary and portfolio will still be valuable tools for the entire school environment as the use of paper is moreover. more restricted and that the platform sticks to the training program of the Quebec school ”.

New partnership with the RÉCIT national service for preschool education

In addition to this new version intended for schools in Quebec, Planitou very recently concluded an agreement with the STORY in preschool. Present throughout the province, it has developed, over time, an in-depth expertise in terms of digital portfolios.

Already having the possibility of depositing sound files, photos, drawings and even video sequences, the organization will be able to share its experience with Planitou in order to perfect its new digital portfolio.

This partnership will be tested this fall when more than thirty classes will be able to benefit from this first pilot project. According to Ms. O'Connell, this collaboration will bring new blood to RÉCIT in preschool education: “We are very happy to collaborate with Planitou. We have been developing the digital portfolio for a number of years and being able to count on the outside view of a new player in the field of digital portfolio will only strengthen our two platforms ”.

Same story with the president of Planitou, who sees this partnership very favorably for the future of his company: "The expertise and knowledge of RÉCIT in preschool education will allow the new school version to succeed. a giant leap and quickly find itself in the court of the big players in education. There is no longer any reason for our teachers to use American or free platforms, the data of which we have no control over and which, for the most part, are starting to be banned by school service centers ”, de conclude Monsieur Thivierge.

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