An almost perfect educational dinner on the South Shore of Montreal on April 28

Find here the details and the theme of the next Almost Perfect Educational Supper (#USPPP) on the South Shore of Montreal on April 28th.

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An Almost Perfect Educational Supper (#USPPP South Shore of Montreal) on April 28.

Come share a meal and discuss education with a group of passionate educators! A menu on the theme of creativity in the classroom. The cost is free (excluding the cost of the meal at the restaurant) and it just register in advance.

Three dishes on the table d'hôte:

1) Creativity with or without technology: how does this translate into your everyday classroom?

2) Creativity and evaluation: or how to juggle the evaluation without losing the ball.

3) Creativity and time: how to be creative when time is running out ...

We challenge you to come with an item that reflects your creativity in the classroom.
Let go of the child in you!

An event not to be missed!


Organized by: Marie Germain et Jocelyn Dagenais

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