Teaméo improves the digital classroom experience

Quebec start-up Teaméo offers a digital solution that simplifies class management for teachers who use Microsoft's Teams platform. | Infomercial
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Advertorial by the Teaméo team

Launched in beta in the midst of a pandemic to support educational institutions that had to adapt their classes to the Teams platform from Microsoft, the Quebec start-up Teaméo announces the deployment of a digital solution that will meet the needs of schools even after the pandemic. 

Teaméo is a solution that quickly integrates with Teams; its objective being to simplify the management of classes for teachers. Only one day (or even less) is necessary to proceed with its installation. 

"With the proliferation of platforms and technological solutions comes a complexity with which even technophiles in the field of education can have difficulty dealing with", indicates Sarah Seddiki, responsible for relations with educational institutions at Teaméo.

Global management

The Teams platform, which has been adopted by many schools to meet the needs of distance education, was not intended for the education sector. Teaméo simplifies everyone's experience by making global management possible. 

The classroom management module also gives teachers autonomy and flexibility to orchestrate their digital classes. The digital spaces module ultimately makes it possible to create a personalized digital universe according to each user.

A dedicated team

The team of Teaméo is headed by Louis-Charles Gagnon and Sarah Seddiki, who has been developing tools for Microsoft products since 2007. “We first wanted to help teachers and techno-pedagogues who had needs that were poorly served by the technologies in place. The new version of Teaméo promises schools to significantly improve their digital educational environment and prepare for the future of education, ”argues Louis-Charles, co-founder of Teaméo. 

He adds: “Its easy and fast integration in less than a day is appreciated by information technology departments. Students and teachers have easier access to all their digital tools and platforms. The solution is flexible according to the needs and the size of the school. The secure management of data is also a priority for our team ”.

The future of learning is digital

In its desire to support schools in their digital transformation, the Teaméo team is already concocting new features powered by artificial intelligence for even more advanced digital spaces. 

You want to know more ? You can schedule a demonstration with the team by clicking on this link:

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