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Scool.ca launches a crowdfunding campaign to improve its platform

News Release - Scool.ca is a free, independent and inclusive online research platform helping parents choose a high school for their children based on their needs and interests. The crowdfunding campaign will, among other things, improve the user experience of the platform and develop a tool to measure the level of happiness in schools.

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Press release - Did you know that Quebec has more than 400 secondary schools and that more than 70,000 students take part in specific programs, such as enrichment programs, arts-studies, etc.? This number has been growing since 2011 (Éducation Québec, 2015).

The world of education is constantly changing and with the arrival of robotics programs, the inclusion of inter-school teams of esport, both public and private schools adapt their offer to please and attract new customers each year. How do you navigate it as parents who have just moved to a new city or just being on their first experience?

scool.ca is the solution for them, it is the centris of secondary schools. A free, independent and inclusive online research platform helping parents choose a high school for their children based on their needs and interests. The goal of this initiative is to develop the full potential of students in an environment that resembles them, stimulates them and motivates them in order to reduce the dropout rate in Quebec.

“The mission of scool.ca resonates with parents, but also with partners. When I knocked on their door to offer rewards, the response was positive and immediate. It is so heartwarming to feel supported like this, ”shares Audrey Racine, founder of scool.ca.

A crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign is being held from October 25 to November 28, 2021 on the Quebec platform La Ruche: www.laruchequebec.com/scoolca.

What will the funds raised during the crowdfunding campaign be used for?

  • Improve the user experience of the platform (connection portal, school comparator, etc.);
  • Develop a tool to measure the level of happiness in schools;
  • Begin season 2 of Scool le Balado.

Contributors have the choice between ski tickets for Bromont, board games from Face4, but also a tutoring grant from School Success, a Change En Famille conference to help understand and manage anxiety (as a parent) when their teenager enters high school and more.

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