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Math et Mots Monde and are useful resources for teachers and parents who want to allow children to develop fully.

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies that are members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Math et Mots Monde to you.

Math et Mots Monde and are useful resources for teachers and parents who want to allow children to develop fully.

Since its creation in 2005, Math et Mots Monde's mission is to enable all students, from preschool to high school, to reach their full potential. What motivates the members of his team to get up every morning: working in synergy with parents, teachers and stakeholders in the field of education to make young people accomplished adults! Over the years, they have heard too many stories from students with challenges, academic delays, or learning disabilities who were unable to tap into their passions, interests and talents, and this became the engine of the company.

Specialized software

This mission certainly represents a major challenge, but one that the team is working to meet, in particular using specialized software for learning to read, write and mathematics. Each product is carefully selected for its undeniable effectiveness and ease of use. "Math et Mots Monde has entered into exclusive agreements for the distribution of certain software and we put all our heart and all our energy into distributing them to those who need it most", explains Carlo Coccaro, Chairman and CEO of Math and Words World.

One of the flagship products distributed by the company is the writing and reading software WordQ & SpeakQ, the most used writing and reading support tool in the Francophonie. Easy to use and scalable, it works with other popular software and websites and allows young people to progress quickly in French, or even in another language.

Our C-Pen Reader digitizer pen is another very helpful technological tool for young people with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. Its popular pocket size makes it possible to accompany the student at all times by reading written text aloud.

For its part, Dybuster Spelling is the software par excellence for dyslexic and dysorthographic pupils. Designed and tested by neuroscientists, it features a cross-platform interface to help students with spelling and math. Its use leads to an average improvement of 33 % in spelling! The Calcularis software, meanwhile, allows students to progress in mathematics despite persistent difficulties or a learning disability.

Tools to support teachers

Several teachers are reluctant to use computer tools, not wishing to increase their already colossal task. Between discipline, follow-ups with parents and correction, their busy schedule does not leave much time to learn new software.

This is why Math and Words World offers very user-friendly software. “Using some of these online tools obviously requires some adaptation up front, but in the end, teachers save a lot of time, their job is simplified, and this has an impact on students and classroom management. », Maintains Carlo Coccaro.

In addition, the software licenses allow their use both at school and at home, which leads to the harmonization of the support offered by parents and teachers.

A portal for parents

Noting that there was no educational web portal for parents, Mr. Coccaro had the ingenious idea of creating a web portal bringing together resources to support them in supporting their children during their academic and socio-emotional learning. . This is how the website has arisen!

Launched in 2016 by Math et Mots Monde, this portal brings together hundreds of articles dealing with subjects as varied as they are useful, ranging from tips for homework to how to manage seizures or anxiety in a child. In order to better guide parents with certain issues, the information is grouped together by topic and by practical file, for example homework and lessons, motivation and ADD / H.

To offer high quality content, collaborates with many education specialists (teachers, psychologists, optometrists, psychoeducators, researchers, etc.), as well as with parents wishing to share their experiences with others. parents.

An ally for the world of education

Math et Mots Monde aspires to become the ally of teachers and parents for the development of learners. “We are all different, but everyone has the right to have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and Math et Mots Monde aims to promote the optimal development of students' skills,” concludes Carlo Coccaro.

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