Financial literacy program for students across the country gets a facelift

In conjunction with Financial Literacy Month, the Canadian Bankers Association is launching the modernized version of its Your Money for Students program, a free financial literacy seminar for students.

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TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2019 / CNW / - In conjunction with Financial Literacy Month, the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) launches modernized version of its program Your Money-Students, a free, non-commercial financial literacy seminar for Secondary V and CEGEP students.

Here are the main improvements made, including the updating of the design and visual identity in order to make the experience more stimulating and to improve the achievements, the improvement of the modes of presentation, in particular the addition of short videos to increase classroom participation, new web applications for budgeting (Lifestyle Reality Check - the French version will be available soon), modernization of the administration of the program through cloud computing as well as coordination with volunteers and teachers.

“Generation Z, which already wields great purchasing power, will be the largest in Canada. This generation has a strong interest in financial literacy and the effect effective management of funds will have on their overall well-being, ”said Neil Parmenter, President and CEO of the CBA. “The move towards self-service, automation and uninterrupted accessibility to digital banking applications and services makes it essential to deliver financial literacy to young people in a creative, interactive and easy-to-understand way, for may their financial future be bright. "

Designed in collaboration with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Your Money-Students, a program presented in French and English across the country by volunteer bankers, is the cornerstone of the financial literacy action undertaken by the CBA. The seminars are aimed at young students aged between 15 and 18 with the aim of helping them acquire the foundations of responsible financial management before they start their university studies and enter the labor market.

Your Money-Students covers the main themes of financial literacy:

  • Budgeting - set goals and work to achieve them.
  • Savings and investments - advantages of compound interest and savings for the future.
  • Judicious use of credit - how to manage credit and avoid pitfalls.
  • Preservation of funds - recognize and avoid fraud in our increasingly digital world.

Teachers across Canada can access the seminar request form on this website or by writing to this email address.

Retrospective Your Money-Students in numbers*

  • 256,019 participating students
  • 8,534 seminars
  • 1,717 volunteer bankers
  • 1,336 participating establishments

* In Canada, since its launch in 1999 until October 31, 2019.

About the Canadian Bankers Association 
The Canadian Bankers Association is the voice of more than 60 Canadian and foreign banks that contribute to the country's economic growth and prosperity. The CBA advocates for public policies that support the maintenance of a strong and vibrant banking system capable of helping Canadians achieve their financial goals

SOURCE Canadian Bankers Association

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