New guide to support cultural intervention in Francophone minority communities

The new guide To move from activity to impactivity is a reference tool in cultural intervention that offers school stakeholders a framework for reflection, planning tools and a common language.

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OTTAWA, June 23, 2017 - The Canadian Teachers' Federation (FCE) is launching a new tool aimed at guiding and enriching cultural intervention in Canadian schools in minority settings. Given that it is in adolescence that identity is asserted, that life choices are made and that influencing factors multiply, the target group of students is that of 14 to 17 years old.

Guide To move from activity to impactivity is a reference tool in cultural intervention which offers school interveners a framework for reflection, planning tools and a common language.

"This guide is an evolving tool, capable of adapting to constant, rapid and complex changes, and therefore of meeting the development needs of diversified, multilingual, multi-ethnic Francophone communities and anything but sedentary", underlines Heather Smith, president. of the FCE.

Cultural intervention in French-language schools in minority contexts is a concept that has been implemented, in one form or another, in all regions of the country: in the classroom, when the teaching staff acts as cultural intermediaries or during animation programs. cultural targets. However, people who work in cultural intervention reported the lack of tools to assess the impact of cultural interventions on students.

This is why the CTF, thanks to a grant from Canadian Heritage, was able to carry out this project on the validation of cultural intervention strategies and propose a framework that takes into account the realities of the community. The guide was created by a committee made up of teachers and those responsible for cultural intervention from different regions of Canada.

“Our main objective, with this guide, is to create, among students, an awareness of their Francophone identity and a sense of pride in the French language and culture. "

To summarize, this guide, available free online, offers:

  • a definition of cultural intervention;
  • tools to identify the precise objectives of a cultural intervention and assess its impact;
  • ways to get stakeholders to participate in the exchange of resources, ideas and promising practices.

The guide will be adapted in English so that the Provincial Association of Teachers of Quebec, a Member organization of the CTF, has the possibility of applying the proposed framework to teaching in an English-speaking minority setting.

Founded in 1920, CTF is a national alliance of provincial and territorial organizations representing over 232,000 teachers in Canada. CTF is also affiliated with Education International, which has 32 million members. @SignCanada

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