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The Scolab team is motivated by one desire: to unleash the joy of learning in classrooms. To do this, we must in particular reinvent the learning of mathematics, a challenge that the studio has decided to take up with the creation of the educational resource Netmath.

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies that are members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Scolab, one of the founding companies of the Edteq Association!

The Scolab team is motivated by one desire: to unleash the joy of learning in classrooms. To do this, we must in particular reinvent the learning of mathematics, a challenge that the studio has decided to take up with the creation of the educational resource Netmath. 

Netmath is the fruit of the meeting, at the beginning of the 2000s, of two minds: that of the teacher Claude Laverdure and the young computer science graduate Carl Malartre. Math teacher in 1time and 2e secondary, Claude creates small educational software for his students. He suggests to Carl to make them available to everyone on the Internet, thus germinating the idea of a digital learning platform. In 2004, Jean-Philippe Choinière, Steve Brisebois and Tom Trang joined the adventure. Together, they founded the Scolab studio to develop the interactive exercise book Claude Laverdure dreamed of. Soon, Netmath is born.

Today, this educational resource is used by more than 600,000 French and English speaking students in North America and makes mathematics motivating in more than 4,400 schools.

A technological and playful approach to promote maths

Having become a leader in educational technology in North America, Scolab brings together an international team of programmers and designers who work closely with a growing community of educational professionals. Together, they work to stimulate student involvement in math learning through technology and gamification. Their mission? Make them love math! A mission that is embodied in the Netmath school software.

“When there is homework on Netmath, it is not homework! Kids really like it a lot because it's engaging, it's visual, and it's easy to access. "
- Élise Beaulieu, elementary school teacher.

With more than 10,000 interactive activities available online and on iPad, Netmath offers a colorful universe, filled with endearing characters who inspire students. Each activity completed in the application is equivalent to academic achievements. With the possibility of accessing detailed examples and solutions, of making mistakes and starting the exercise again with new data, the student is led to understand above all the strategy to adopt to solve the problem rather than simply withholding the reply. By completing the activities at his own pace, he collects stars and badges that will allow him to unlock missions. The student is then drawn into a thrilling adventure with a thousand and one challenges, which will lead him in the footsteps of the greatest mathematicians of the past 2000 years. Since the creation of the platform in 2004, more than 250 million exercises have been solved!

Differentiation, progress monitoring, end-of-year review ...

Intended for primary and secondary levels, Netmath has been designed to serve teachers and parents, to save them time. The platform offers tools for pedagogical differentiation and monitoring of student progress, in addition to identifying points of difficulty and thus adjusting the efforts put on a particular point of the study program. Recently, a complete overhaul camp, To your math !, is also available to help with the year-end recap.

“In my class, the students have weekly goals to achieve. Each student has their own goal to work on. […] I use these goals determined by the data from detailed reports to help them focus on the areas where they are having difficulty as a priority. I like to see them surpass themselves by creating their own learning path with a goal in mind! "
- Josh Cavender, high school teacher.

“At the same time, our team is involved in many initiatives and events actively engaged to improve or even revolutionize the learning of mathematics”, explains Nora Charifi, communications manager. “We collaborate in particular on Global Math Week, an event that has achieved the feat of bringing together more than 4 million students around the world around a mathematical experience: Exploding points. A new edition is coming in the fall of 2018. ”

Nora concludes: “In everything we do, all of Scolab's projects are motivated by a single desire: to unleash the joy of learning in the classroom! And we have been happy to work on it every day alongside teachers for 15 years now. "

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