The story is in the envelope: a new Franco-inspired podcast

Press Release - The Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française (ACELF) is launching a new podcast series, L'histoire est dans l'enveloppe, to introduce Franco-inspired personalities from across Canada. The first episode, on the theme of humour, is now available.

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News Release - Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française (ACELF) launches new podcast series The story is in the envelope to introduce Franco-inspiring personalities from Canada. The first episodeA recent video and audio version of the Francosphere blog's humor-themed program features comedians Rosalie Lacroix and Jonathan Dion from Ontario, and Rose Beef aka Tommy Des Rosiers from New Brunswick.

L'histoire est dans l'enveloppe is intended to be a relaxing and entertaining moment of cultural discovery on various themes. "This podcast gives a voice to dynamic people who talk about their journey as Francophones, in fields they are passionate about. It is a way for the ACELF to promote Francophone role models and to act as a cultural broker. The initiative aims to inspire school staff in French-language schools through a diverse, modern, open and assertive Canadian Francophonie," explains Richard Lacombe, Executive Director of the ACELF.

"Through questions found in envelopes, our guests reveal and tell their stories," explains podcast host Jean-François Dion, a vice-principal with the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l'Est ontarien and a member of the ACELF Strategic Communications Steering Committee.

"The concept of the show was inspired by my first date with my current wife. The mystery of the envelopes creates a fun, original and engaging context for our guests to share their experiences and opinions on various subjects. We want to show these personalities who embody the country's Francophonie from different angles, in a relaxed and friendly way," he adds.

The podcast series The story is in the envelope will present 6 episodes on different themes. They will gradually be put online in the coming months. The next two themes will be sports, featuring Franco-Ontarian Olympic athlete Valérie Grenier, and music, featuring Franco-Ontarian singer-songwriter Kimya.

The ACELF invites education practitioners and anyone interested in making cultural discoveries to listen to the first episode of History is in the Envelope. It is available online on the Francosphere blogas well as on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Youtube.

About the Francosphere blog

Francosphere, the blog of the ACELFThe goal of the project is to inform, equip and inspire French-language education practitioners in Canada. It highlights the best practices in building a francophone identity. By sharing winning initiatives, testimonials and favourites, it aims to nourish its audience's Francosphere.

About the ACELF

TheACELF is a pan-Canadian network of consultants in identity building. It assists French-language education stakeholders in Canada to strengthen their power of action and leadership in order to help young people make a significant place for the French language and Francophone culture in their lives.

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