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The news of Thot Cursus (March 2023)

Here are the March suggestions from our partner Thot Cursus: three tips for being independent from social networks, universal writing rules according to Wikipedia, learning to sleep well in the age of screens, writing to professional standards with Zettler.

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Each month, Thot Cursus is offering three articles from its news feed to École branchée readers (and even some bonuses). 

Here are the suggestions for March: three tips for being independent from social networks, the universal rules of writing according to Wikipedia, learning to sleep well in the age of screens, writing to professional standards with Zettler.

Three tips to be independent from social networks.
Digital technology is not all good 

We note the erosion of social relationships that are characteristic of a physical isolation, perceptible by the advent of a generation head down, hooked on the phone, and more interested in dealing with virtual life and not their life in their real environment.

Read : https://cursus.edu/fr/27041/trois-astuces-pour-etre-independant-vis-a-vis-des-reseaux-sociaux

Universal rules of writing according to Wikipedia
Principles of a sharing culture 

Wikipedia has been online since January 15, 2001 and remains the most popular educational reference. 

Having withstood just about every possible critical assault, we can assume that its founding principles are sufficiently robust.

Read : https://cursus.edu/fr/27171/regles-universelles-de-redaction-selon-wikipedia

Learn to sleep well
An essential reminder in this age of omnipresent screens 

Sleep, a vital need, has always been a subject of concern. All the more so in a more anxiety-provoking world where resting habits have been disrupted, among other things, by the introduction of digital technology. 

Teenagers, who are very fond of social networks, can spend hours watching news without sleeping. Should we teach the younger generation to rest?

Read : https://cursus.edu/fr/26876/apprendre-a-bien-dormir

Writing to professional standards with Zettler
For researchers, journalists, PhD students and writers

The rules of editing vary according to the environment and their subtleties are sometimes frustrating. 

The Zettler markdown editor was developed in response to this reality. 

Zettler is a complete software package to support writing projects.

It is multilingual and is used in many universities. It is free to download and works on all platforms.

Read : https://cursus.edu/fr/27053/redaction-aux-standards-professionnels-avec-zettler

Dedicated to promoting learning in all its forms, Thot Cursus has been online since 1996. Its team deals with the training and use of digital tools and resources for education and culture, in all areas of human activity.

About the Author

Martine Rioux
Martine Rioux
After studying public communication, Martine worked as a journalist for various publications, before pursuing her career as an interactive communications consultant at La Capitale, a financial group, then at Québec Numérique, an organization she took over as general manager before making the jump. as political advisor in the office of the Minister for Digital Government Transformation. Today she is the online Editor-in-Chief and Special Projects Manager at l'École branchée. Her dream: that everyone has access to technology and can use it as a tool for learning and opening up to the world.

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