Education: not much of a campaign issue

Quebecers will be called to vote on October 3, 2022. The election campaign is in full swing between now and then. Groups have recently come out to ask the various political parties to make more room for education in their proposals.

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Quebecers will be called to vote on October 3, 2022. The election campaign is in full swing between now and then. Groups have recently come out to ask the various political parties to make more room for education in their proposals.

The Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles (AQPDE), the Association montréalaise des directions d'établissement scolaire (AMDES), the Fédération québécoise des directions d'établissement d'enseignement (FQDE) and the Regroupement des comités de parents autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ) have recently deplored that education is virtually absent from the current election campaign. 

After more than two weeks of election campaigning, the four groups of school principals and parents have made a joint appearance to question the various political parties. They deplored the fact that "no party has proposed any real structural measures to promote the success of Quebec students".

They are particularly concerned about the shortage of teachers, principals, special education technicians, daycare workers, psychologists, speech therapists, etc. They invited the parties to clearly express their positions through concrete commitments to address this major issue.

Press release is available here.

For its part, the Fédération des professionnels de l'Éducation du Québec (FPPE-CSQ) invited the political parties to become more involved in education and to propose solutions to improve professional services in schools. 

Read the press release.

The Fédération autonome de l'enseignement (FAE) also deplored the fact that Quebec's political parties have not made education a priority in their election promises. It proposes themes that should be discussed.

Read the press release.

The Fédération des centers de services scolaires du Québec (FCSSQ) also wishes to reiterate that public education in Quebec must be a priority. In this regard, it wishes to make its expectations known and share some possible solutions.

Read the press release.

What is in the party programs?

So far, here's what the political parties have posted about education on their websites:

  • Quebec Liberal Party : An education section is present in the election platform (p. 44-46) and contains the following proposals, among others: 
    • free access to a specific educational project in public schools; 
    • an ongoing tutoring program; 
    • a tax credit to allow families to cover costs incurred to promote academic success;
    • the abolition of lunchtime child care fees in public elementary schools;
    • a major project to upgrade our primary and secondary schools.
  • Parti Québécois : A press release entitled Renewing our Schools, a National Priority has been published.
  • Québec solidaire : the election platform contains the section Placing Public Education at the Heart of our Communities (p. 17) which proposes: 
    • Eliminate all school fees charged in public schools, from preschool to high school;
    • Establish a professional services floor in the school service centers;
    • Establish a comprehensive renovation, expansion, greening and construction program for healthy schools;
    • update school content regarding Aboriginal realities.

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