Cavelier-De LaSalle school rewarded for its initiatives in the fight against homophobia

The Jasmin Roy Foundation, in partnership with the TD Bank, awards the Purple Ribbon prize for the fight against homophobia to Cavelier-De LaSalle high school. The prize is intended to be recognition of all of his achievements and his interventions to counter homophobia.

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MONTREAL, May 16, 2013 / CNW Telbec / - The Jasmin Roy Foundation continues its action to counter bullying, discrimination and violence in educational institutions in Quebec. " It is important for us to highlight school initiatives that make schools healthy and safe for all students ” said Jasmin Roy, President of the Foundation.

“We saw it recently: bullying and homophobia can lead young people to commit the irreparable. This is a testament to how sneaky bullying is and can lead to deep wounds. In 2013, it is high time to stop this scourge. I hope that awareness campaigns and actions such as those of the Jasmin Roy Foundation will help change mentalities, ”underlines Mr. Georges Clermont, Deputy Director, and member of the LGBT Committee within the TD Bank Group.

On the eve of International Day Against Homophobia, the Jasmin Roy Foundation, in partnership with the TD Bank, is proud to present the Purple Ribbon award for the fight against homophobia to Cavelier-De LaSalle high school. This prize is accompanied by a grant of 2,500$ and is intended to be recognition of the work carried out by this establishment for all of its achievements and its interventions to counter homophobia. This is the third prize awarded by the Foundation for the fight against homophobia in schools.

Several measures have been implemented at this school to fight against homophobia. A committee called “Diversity”, involving students and staff, met every Friday to discuss the possibilities of interventions to raise awareness among students and staff on the subject. Throughout the school year, the various community stakeholders contributed to the development and holding of activities on the subject. Importantly, the school is holding its eighth edition of the “Week against homophobia” this week.

The Jasmin Roy Foundation is convinced that such initiatives help to counter dropping out of school and to make our schools healthy and safe environments for our young people.


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