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Today, our Development Director, Stéphanie, presents the École branchée to you in a very personal way. A non-profit media, the organization has been training and informing elementary and secondary school teachers on new pedagogical approaches and digital technology for more than 20 years to promote the success of young people. 

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present the École branchée to you. Hey yes, the École branchée is us!

Our Director of Development, Stéphanie, introduces you to the organization in a very personal way. Non-profit media, École branchée has been training and informing elementary and secondary school teachers on new pedagogical and digital approaches for more than 20 years to promote the success of young people. 

a text by Stéphanie Dionne

L'École branchée... l'école re-branchée!
The École branchée… the school re-connected!

Even if my children say that I work at the “disconnected” school to indicate their disagreement with my restraint in the face of the playful and unrestrained use of digital devices at home, I undoubtedly believe in their added value and their educational potential. For more than 15 years, I have never ceased to be impressed by the lively and current teaching practices of teachers across Quebec. Moreover, I would rather say that I work at the School " Dtrendy ”, an expression proposed by none other than Mr. Connard (to find out, type his name into our search engine!). Dconnected to the student first, but also to the optimal conditions for the success of each of them.

École branchée is a non-profit media that has been training and informing elementary and secondary school teachers about new pedagogical approaches and digital technology for more than 20 years to promote the success of young people. What we publish daily is more than news: we bear witness to the richness of the teaching practices of teachers, here and elsewhere. We are busy making them shine and enhancing them through articles and video and audio interviews.

How do you explain the pride we feel at the end of this year? By testimonials? With numbers? By the diversity of our offer? By the number of exceptional collaborators? By the list of organizations and associations with which we have created links and developed partnerships? By the quality of the relationships we have with the countless players in the education sector who inspire us on a daily basis?

By the way, do you know what drives us at École branchée? What is at the heart of our actions to support teachers in the success of their students? These are the three words, our values, and they deserve that I present them to you.  

Leadership, Creativity and Innovation.

The leadership, the one who allows to believe in his full human potential, the one who pushes to undertake in coherence with his values, to think outside the box and to dare to realize oneself.

Creativity, the one that allows you to think, dream, stop time to taste this idea which, at first glance, seems far-fetched, and yet nothing and no one can stop.

Innovation, the one that is personal. A bit like the first step we take. And even if many have already taken their first step, this one is truly his. It is unique, different, perfect and at the right time. Going further together with all these first steps inspires us!  

It is this agreement that fuels our flame on a daily basis. And it translates into this quote from Paulo Coelho:

" A little madness is needed to make one more step. "

This is our favorite quote and you will find it on the bookmarks we give you at various events.

Essential collaborators

Audrey Miller, directrice générale de l'École branchée
Audrey Miller, Executive Director of École branchée

The École branchée has been fortunate to have since 2012 Audrey Miller as general manager, a daring woman, mother of three beautiful boys and newly passionate about this joyful dance, the swing. It's good to create your balance. And I take this opportunity to say how happy it is for me to contribute to the development of École branchée alongside it for a year and a half.

Stéphanie, en pleine entrevue pour les RDV pédagogiques
Stéphanie, in the middle of an interview for educational meetings

I had the chance to develop this non-profit organization through privileged links with people that I admire. I consider it a privilege to animate the Educational appointments and spotlight exceptional people in education.

We had the joy of meeting this year Alexane Saint-Amant-Ringuette, who joined our team as Editor-in-Chief of École branchée Online. She is on, open and always smiling. You will also have the chance to meet her during the CréaCamps. Moreover, if you haven't already done so, we invite you to live the CréaCamp experience. Sign up to receive the Weekly by email, you will be informed of the next editions.

You may also have had the chance to live the exceptional reader service experience of Laurianne Bellamy. She follows up efficiently and so warmly to our subscribers.

To complete our dynamic team, we will now have the pleasure of working more closely with Maryline Barrette-Dubé to communicate more effectively with you.

I would also like to underline the contribution and support of several key players in the success of École branchée. First of all, Pascal Provost. It is our meeting which made possible the realization of the first educational meetings, thank you. Also, huge thanks to Véronique Lavergne, who takes great care of the team of trendy teachers who build two educational guides per week from current events to create rich teaching and learning contexts.

We are fortunate to count on the contribution of many other collaborators. They are brilliant, committed and share generously.

To each of you who make École branchée possible, thank you with all my heart!

Audrey Miller, Alexane Saint-Amant-Ringuette et Stéphanie Dionne.
Audrey Miller, Alexane Saint-Amant-Ringuette and Stéphanie Dionne.

From the whole team of École branchée, we wish you a great summer reading, laughing and recharging your batteries!

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