The triple bottom line: the new business model in education

Classcraft, an award-winning motivation management system for schools, today announces that it has officially received B Corp certification. In order to be granted this certification, a company must comply with strict standards in terms of social and environmental impact, as well as its transparency and responsibility.

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Sherbrooke, March 19, 2019 - Classcraft, an award-winning motivation management system for schools, today announced that it has officially obtained B Corp certification. In order to be granted this certification, a company must comply with strict standards in terms of social and environmental impact, as well as its transparency and responsibility..

In addition, it must demonstrate its willingness to use the power of the company to solve social and environmental problems. Shawn and Devin Young, along with their father Lauren, founded the company in 2013 and launched their innovative edtech product in 2015.

“We are proud to be one of the edtech companies that meet the standards set to achieve B Corp certification internationally,” said Classcraft CEO Shawn Young, from the company's main offices in Sherbrooke. “Along the way, it's not enough to say that you are doing what you are doing for the good of the children - you have to prove it with data and research. For us, it was easy to prove our results as we provide educators with concrete ways to measure the impact of Classcraft on a daily basis. "

Classcraft President Devin Young, based in New York City, elaborates, “Our Motivation Management System (MMS) provides real-time data on student motivation, academic performance, socio-emotional behaviors, and student development. their skills. This data is essential in order to continue to innovate and deliver measurable results to schools and school boards. B Corp certification demonstrates that an independent entity recognizes that the way we work goes hand in hand with the work we do. "

Shawn adds, “We are dedicated to the triple bottom line: having a successful business, having a positive impact on the lives of our customers and making a positive contribution to society and our environment. It has always been our mission. "

“The MaRS Catalyst Fund has helped Classcraft through the B Corp certification process,” says Kathryn Wortsman, fund manager at MaRS Catalyst Fund. Our mandate requires that all the companies we support are evaluated and demonstrate best practices in the environment, society and management. We believe that these companies have everything to succeed through a mission aligned with good management, good employee practices and environmental policies. In addition, their efforts support a better corporate culture that promotes engagement and improves performance and customer satisfaction. "

Classcraft received a rating of 86.6, which is well above the average of 50.5 for similar companies seeking B Corp certification. Companies must achieve a score of 80 or higher in order to be granted this certification.

Today, Classcraft joins 2,778 B Corp companies from all over the world. B Lab, the nonprofit awarding certification, describes B Corporations as “a new form of business that balances purpose and profit. Legally, companies of this type must consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, their customers, their suppliers, their community and the environment. "

“Classcraft joins the ranks of B Corp community leaders who are propelling a global movement for companies to do good,” says B Lab manager in Canada, Kasha Huk. We are excited to see this kind of leadership in educational technology as well as in over 150 industries located in 60 countries around the world. "

About Classcraft

Founded in 2013 by brothers Shawn and Devin Young, as well as their father Lauren, Classcraft is an edtech company located in Quebec and New York, winner of several awards and having obtained the B Corporation certification. Its proprietary motivation management system leverages the cultural phenomenon of video games to help educators achieve quantifiable improvements in academic performance, non-cognitive skill development, and school climate. By combining real and virtual learning, Classcraft turns their academic progress into a game they play together throughout the year. Over 5 million students and educators in over 160 countries play Classcraft, available in 11 languages.

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