Official launch of the Jasmin Roy Foundation's help kit against bullying in schools

The Jasmin Roy Foundation presents a brand new aid kit for schools to help prevent and reduce violence and bullying. Intended for anyone working in a school environment, this 2-part set presents a process for developing and implementing an action plan that is easy to carry out.

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Photo: Jasmin Roy, President (CNW Group/JASMIN ROY FOUNDATION)

MONTREAL, March 13, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – The Jasmin Roy Foundation is pleased to present a two-part school toolkit to help prevent and reduce violence and bullying.

In the wake of the entry into force of Bill 56 in June 2012, the Foundation team entrusted the author Camil Sanfaçon with the responsibility of designing a box that offers schools a work based on the most recent and most relevant in terms of preventing and intervening in violence and bullying. The Center for the Transfer of Educational Success of Quebec (CTREQ) collaborated in the production of this part of the box set written by Camil Sanfaçon by notices to the author. The production of this box was made possible in part thanks to the financial support of the Central of Quebec unions. You will find information on the types and forms of violence, on the related myths and stereotypes and on the roles of each of the school actors involved. Awareness of staff training, partnership with parents and adaptation of rules complete this first part.

The Ometz Agency and David-Roger Gagnon have also joined the adventure by bringing their expertise in the English-speaking school environment for the second part and offers 6 booklets intended for students, teachers, schools, school administrators, family and education professionals. This toolkit has been designed to help school staff prevent and reduce school violence and bullying. It contains practical tools, such as questionnaires for students, parents and staff, denunciation forms, an intervention protocol, a directory of resources and scenarios for encounters with students who are bullied, aggressors or witnesses. In addition, part directly concerns the parents of students involved directly or indirectly in a situation of bullying or violence.

Intended for anyone working in a school environment, this 2-part box set presents an easy-to-implement process for developing and implementing an action plan and sells for 99 $. To order the kit, visit the website

Hydro-Québec granted the Jasmin Roy Foundation a total contribution of 150,000 $ at the rate of 50,000 $ per year for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. This contribution will be used to pay for the delivery of three anti-bullying educational kits to each public secondary school Quebec.

About the Jasmin Roy Foundation

The Jasmin Roy Foundation Its mission is to fight against bullying, violence and discrimination against children in primary and secondary schools. The goal of the Foundation is to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students by supporting and organizing various initiatives aimed at better intervention with victims and aggressors. The Jasmin Roy Foundation has given itself the mandate to contribute to the search for lasting solutions to the problem of bullying in the school environment by making the necessary representations to the government machinery and by working in collaboration with the various stakeholders concerned by this problem, in particular the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport, the school environment and civil society. The Foundation is also committed to fighting school dropouts linked to bullying at school and to raising public awareness of this problem.




You can also find on the Foundation's website the brand new capsule Bullying, I say no by Celine Dion.

Click here to view it. 

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