“Installed 127 meters above the ground for optimal wind intake, the two turbines will produce 10,000 kW.h per year, enough to supply the store on the first floor of Eiffel Tower throughout the year, provides the Eiffel Tower Exploitation Company (SETE). "

Source: Huffington Post

The next activities will allow students to learn more about the Eiffel Tower and its wind turbines and they will discover different ways of contributing to sustainable development.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Know the history of the Eiffel Tower;
- Explain how the Eiffel Tower contributes to sustainable development;
- Name the facts surrounding the two wind turbines;
- Recognize the types of renewable energies;
- Build an ecological house in 3D software.

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: The fabulous history of the Eiffel Tower

Ask the students to find out if they have ever visited the Eiffel Tower:

• Do they want to check it out one day soon?
• Why do they want to visit this historic monument?

Display this cuff to announce the topic of this activity.

Present this documentary to give students a brief overview of the circumstances surrounding the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

Continue by presenting this short reportage recounting the installation of the two wind turbines on the Eiffel Tower.

Distribute a copy of this listening grid which will allow students to record their new learning.

ACTIVITY 2: The ecological house

Present this video to the students to start this activity and to introduce them to several ecological houses in Quebec.

Continue by informing them that they will have to learn about the characteristics of ecological houses either individually or in small work teams.

Ask the students to make a summary of the different sections that we
find, in the file on ecological houses, on the site of Futura Sciences :

1. The ecological house
2. What is an organic house?
3. Is cob ecological?
4. Is cordwood environmentally friendly?
5. Is straw bale construction environmentally friendly?
6. Is the wooden frame ecological?
7. Are green roofs ecological?

Distribute to students the following work outline so that they can record their new learning in connection with ecological houses. If students are reading multiple sections, simply give them multiple copies of the outline.

ACTIVITY 3: I build an ecological house

Present this cuff to the students to initiate a discussion with them about the fact that, more and more, citizens are making greener choices when it comes to a new home construction.

Also display this gallery images of ecological houses.

Continue by presenting the documentary following which describes what bio-habitat is.

Suggest that students design an ecological house in 3D creation software.

Software like SketchUp or Kozikaza allow this type of construction to be carried out.

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