CREATIVITY: as important as knowing how to read and write

You are not taught anything by saying that teachers are creative. But do you know how much creativity they use to motivate and invent ways to showcase the talents and accomplishments of each student? Here are several examples!

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You are not taught anything by saying that teachers are creative. But do you know how much creativity they use to motivate and invent ways to showcase the talents and accomplishments of each student? Here are several examples!


The importance of remaining an artist when teaching

Many education actors have been shouting it for a long time: creativity keeps the school alive. Recently, I had the chance to meet a great man of education, Mr. Serge Goyette. This retired educator and director speaks passionately about the importance of remaining an artist when teaching. He was able to create interventions that could be described as marginal, but so imbued with meaning for the young people he worked with, techniques of heart impact. All you have to do is watch the magnificent Simon Goulet documentary " A guy is a guy "To have the portrait of the" good man "artist that he is.

Examples of teacher artists, there are lots of them too! You know the project of Brigitte Leonard and of Nathalie Laroche? Somewhere towards the end of last summer, these two teachers were brainstorming a back-to-school project. Creativity, she doesn't take a vacation! The #Alphabet Challenge was born between a flower bed and a patio chair! And no less than 32 classes embarked (and they had to refuse others)! They have created with their students an alphabet book now available in digital version.

And the project of Julie chandonnet and Karine Riley, Have you heard of it? The imagination and innovation of two dynamic teachers, it gives collective stories animated in an unorthodox way, under the hashtag #Anime story on Twitter.

And the # challengesMathFor True on Twitter? They do not come from a textbook, but from the head of Genevieve Hamelin and of Julie chamberland, two teachers who have agreed to go beyond the standards to make mathematics knowledge flourish in a more vitamin-rich soil!


Bring color to school and pass on to young people the passion for creation

Creativity also means doing a lot with a little in the classroom. This is the reality of today. We do not talk enough about these highly resourceful and sometimes a little delinquent teachers who have the courage to reinvent the school, to energize it, to recolor it! Creativity can be as simple as welcoming your students with massage trains, letting them read in washing tubs, spelling on chairs, hanging poems on a community clothesline, creating collective works. on Twitter, have students invent real math missions to discover a hidden treasure in the schoolyard, etc.

And this creativity will be passed on to our students. These children who will need this creative power so much to evolve in today's world, which requires great adaptation to novelty. Sir Ken Robinson says so in this TEDx conference : creativity is as important today as knowing how to read and write.



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Catherine Lapointe
Catherine Lapointe
A primary cycle 1 teacher, Catherine is particularly interested in the impact of the humanization of digital technology in the classroom. Focused on digital sharing and collaborative projects on Twitter. She took advantage of the positive impacts of her project with ocean rower Mylène Paquette to support her digital practices on a solid educational basis with the teaching community. Catherine is the creator of #ProjetPhotoPoésie, a collaborative writing of poems and photos on Twitter, and of #PixelTag, a text-image association project.

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