World Teachers' Day has been held every year since 1994, when it was created by UNESCO. It celebrates teachers all over the world, and gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves the following question:

The ideal school… what would it look like (realistically!)? More sports? Four days a week instead of five? Computers for all students? Animals in the classroom? A reading corner with comfortable armchairs and absolute silence?

There are probably as many possible answers as there are students. Now it's up to you!


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- express himself on the role of the school, according to him
- reflect on the current state of how his school operates
- imagine your dream school
- identify elements of his dream school that would be achievable now and define how to get there
- write a text about a teacher who has marked him positively

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: Imagine the ideal school

Invite students to individually imagine their ideal school. They will be able to suggest new subjects, new activities in class, express what they would like to do more, etc. They will thus lead a real reflection on the school system and the definition of school and perhaps give new ideas to teachers ...
This activity can be done in three stages:
1. First, the pupils express themselves on the role of the school, according to them.
2. Then they reflect on the current state of the way their school operates.
3. Finally, they imagine their dream school.

ACTIVITY 2: How to improve my school

Here are some dream schools or classes… Obviously, the concept of a dream school can vary from one person to another! Use a projector or the interactive whiteboard to show the video clips.
- In an elementary school in Quebec, the principal asked the teachers what special thing they wanted to experience this year. One of them asked for permission to have a dog in the classroom. Since no one was allergic and the parents agreed, there is now a small dog living with the students.
- In some schools, there are fully technological classes in which there are computers, digital cameras, smart mobile devices, etc. Watch this video 4 min 28 to find out more.

- Invite the pupils, if they wish, to find others to be inspired by.
Now that they have an idea of their dream school, are there some aspects that could be implemented right now?
In groups of 4 or 6, invite students to identify one aspect that could really be improved, and the strategies needed to get there. As much as possible, try to achieve them.

Activity 3: A memorable teacher

It's World Teachers' Day. It is a particularly good time to stop and think about the significant people in your life. Suggest that the students write a text about a teacher who has inspired them or made a positive impact on their school career. They should take care to explain how this person had a beneficial influence on them and how that translates today.
Adapt the instructions to the type of text you are working on these days.

- You imagined the ideal school, can you now imagine the ideal teacher?
- The school has evolved a lot over time. What has changed (co-education, subjects taught, relationship between pupils and teachers, etc.)? Were there any good things? Do they think it's better now? To answer this question, students could question their parents, and even their grandparents.

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