April 22: Earth Day

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April 22 is the day we have collectively given ourselves to stop and think about our planet. Year after year, it is an opportunity to remember what we can do on a daily basis to improve our future, but it is also a time to unite and dare to change the world on a larger scale.

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Each year, April 22 is the day that we have given ourselves collectively to stop and think about our planet.

Earth Day is celebrated around the world. Year after year, it is a time to remember what we can do in our daily lives to improve our future, but it is also a time to unite and dare to change the world on a larger scale.

Earth Day is an opportunity to shout out our love for the environment and commit to saving the planet. To participate fully, should we get out our signs and slogans? Do you need to get out into the forest and enjoy the benefits of nature? Adopt a zero waste lifestyle? Attend conferences or watch documentaries on the subject? All these answers are good!

Source: Noovo me, April 22, 2019

Several rallies can be seen across the world on April 22. Indeed, people unite to send a strong message to politicians, insisting on the fact that environmental policies must be improved and that there is a real urgency to act.

It's a symbolic action that sends a strong message to decision-makers to stop spinning their wheels now, that it's urgent, and to start acting and making compelling policy [...]

Source: Radio-Canada, April 22, 2019

It's a great opportunity to get a second wind. Often, we feel all alone, we don't feel that we are heard, especially when we look at the policies that are not really convincing, but when we get together and we see motivated and involved people, it gives us a second wind to continue the battle.

Source: Radio-Canada, April 22, 2019



The following activities will allow students to learn more about the actions surrounding April 22 and become aware of different environmental issues, while mobilizing their disciplinary and digital skills.

General areas of training

  • Environment and consumption
  • Media

Targeted dimensions of digital competence

  • Producing content with digital
  • Developing and mobilizing information literacy
  • Harnessing the potential of digital technology for learning

Disciplines and levels targeted

Science and technology (Secondary Cycle 2)

  • Climatic changes
  • Humanity's Energy Challenge

Ethics and Religious Culture (Secondary Cycle 2)

  • The future of humanity

Objectives of the activities

  • Reflect on the actions to be taken to do one's part in the face of the climate emergency.
  • Express yourself in connection with a shock campaign on the environment.
  • Be aware of the impact of consumption on the environment.

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A guide by Maxime Laflamme, in collaboration with Audrey Miller

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Designed to fill short periods or inspire larger projects, the activities offered in the SCOOP! allow the teacher to approach the subject matter in the program in addition to developing the information literacy and digital skills of the students.

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