Additional investments to strengthen support and safety for students and staff

$ 85 million in additional investments were announced Saturday in Quebec. Hiring and training of personnel, maintenance of ventilation systems, school transport and distance education are targeted. In fact, an additional $ 25 million will be devoted, in particular, to the acquisition of subscription licenses to digital educational resources, the hiring of computer technicians, the training of teaching, professional and support staff and the development of resources. for the parents.

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QUÉBEC, Sept. 26, 2020 / CNW Telbec / - In order to meet the various needs expressed by the school network and to strengthen school perseverance and the safety of students and staff in the current context of the pandemic, the government of Quebec confirms a series of additional investments totaling $ 85 million. The Minister of Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, and Isabelle Charest, Minister responsible for Education and Minister responsible for the Status of Women, made the announcement today.

$ 25 million for training and hiring staff in schools

A first sum of $ 25 million will allow schools to train and hire more staff to improve the supervision of students in compliance with health measures.

These sums could be used, for example, to add mental health resources, to support students and staff, to hire psychologists, speech therapists and other professionals to improve support for students in difficulty, the hiring of daycare educators and additional staff for the surveillance of common areas and playgrounds, and the hiring of staff for maintenance and disinfection, which will make it possible to '' lighten the workload of other members of the school team.

These sums can also be used for the pursuit of school perseverance, in particular through training and support offered by various stakeholders to get students moving. They may also be used for the hiring of professional coaches who provide supervision for Sports-études athletes.

$ 20 million for maintenance of ventilation systems

To ensure that all schools have the funds necessary to carry out regular maintenance of their ventilation system, in accordance with the recommendation of the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) for this purpose, the government grants a additional amount of $ 20 million to the Quebec school network. It should be remembered that for the replacement of ventilation systems, an amount of $ 1.6 billion in asset maintenance had already been confirmed to the network this summer, and work in this direction has been carried out or is being carried out in several establishments.

$ 15 million for school transportation

This new investment will improve the supply of school transport in order to offset the effects of public health instructions imposing a limit on the number of pupils per vehicle. These sums will make it possible, in concrete terms, to use more school buses and hire more drivers; they will also allow safer development of the streets towards the school, in a context where more students walk there than in the past.

$ 25 million to improve distance education services

Finally, an additional amount of $ 25 million will be devoted to a set of measures to support distance education, in particular the acquisition of subscription licenses to digital educational resources, the hiring of computer technicians, the teacher training, professional and support staff; and resource development for parents.

This new series of investments is made with future funds from the federal government to support educational institutions that have had to implement health measures in connection with the pandemic. Note that these investments do not include the purchase of additional sanitary equipment, because these expenses are already reimbursed by the Quebec government. As an indication, more than $ 66 million was reimbursed to the Quebec school network for expenses incurred last spring. This way of proceeding makes it possible in particular to ensure that no establishment is deprived of the purchase of sanitary equipment for fear of not having sufficient funds.

“The amounts announced today follow various requests expressed by our partners in the school network. They will make it possible to more effectively support all preschool, elementary and secondary students, and more particularly those who have fallen behind due to the pandemic. These funds will also allow us to offer all students and school staff safer environments, our priority remaining the health and well-being of all. "

Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education

“I am delighted with today's announcement, which will notably ensure increased safety and better supervision for the thousands of young people who practice their favorite sport or extracurricular activities at school. If everyone's safety is our priority, the practice of sports and extracurricular activities is also essential at this time for the students. This is what allows them to stay active, to socialize differently and to stay motivated in this difficult context. We had to be creative to find ways to ensure that our young people could move safely in this context of a pandemic. These new investments will allow the hiring of resources that will facilitate the supervision of young people when they practice their favorite activities. "

Isabelle Charest, Minister responsible for Education and Minister responsible for the Status of Women

“Support for elementary and secondary schools is of utmost importance in these difficult times. We must do everything to keep children from school, and these measures are proof of our commitment. "

Eric Girard, Minister of Finance

SOURCE Office of the Minister of Education

Here are other press releases in response to this announcement.

85 M$ Investments in Education - Where are the remaining 347 M$s in Canada for schools and students?

MONTREAL, Sept. 26, 2020 / CNW Telbec / - In the eyes of the president of the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ), Sonia Ethier, the announcement by the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, concerning an additional investment of 85 M$ from the federal government highlights the lack of resources devoted by the government of Quebec in its own fields of competence. Given the urgent needs on the ground, she is also wondering where the 347 M$ left from the Canadian government's announcement of September 4, and appealing to the Minister of Education to invest these sums urgently.

“The amount of 85 M$ announced today and which comes from the federal government is the tip of the iceberg of the 432 M$ announced at the beginning of September by the federal government. Where are the remaining 347 M$s for schools and students? The Legault government said it made education its priority, but the non-recurring sums announced today and which come from Canada further confirm Quebec's abandonment of its schools. And that's without counting all the needs in higher education! », Says Sonia Ethier, president of the CSQ.  

Regarding the amount of $ 25 million for the training and hiring of staff in schools, the CSQ welcomes the measure, but expresses doubts on the aspect concerning the hiring of "professional coaches", given the glaring needs for supervision of pupils in difficulty and the existence of dedicated resources. “Do we really have to remind the Minister of Education, a teacher, that there are competent and qualified personnel to intervene directly in the success of the students? What is more, the latter have been asking for more resources for a long time, ”says Sonia Ethier.

Because it comes from the federal government, the sum of 20 M$ devoted to the regular maintenance of ventilation systems in schools is a consecration of the disengagement of the Quebec state towards education. “This is another embarrassing evidence of dropping out of schools. If the Government of Quebec took proper care of its school infrastructure, we would not expect non-recurring federal money to allow regular maintenance of ventilation systems. If education were a priority and the ventilation systems were maintained on a regular basis, this sum of 20 M$ could have been used directly for educational success and assistance to the most vulnerable students, ”explains Sonia Ethier.

The amount of 15 M$ devoted to school transport is good news for the president of the plant. However, the latter is concerned about the ability of the education network to hire more drivers, given the difficult working conditions. “The problem of staff shortages in our establishments has still not been resolved. As long as the working conditions in education for teachers, academic support and professional staff are not revised upwards, we are shoveling ahead a series of issues, ”says the president.

Finally, in reaction to the sum of 25 M$ aimed at improving distance education services, the president of the CSQ wonders about the capacity of the network to find time to organize training, given the overload and the widespread fatigue among staff due to the pandemic. “We are told that just a few days after the start of the school year, the staff is already exhausted and feels like March. The central problem in education is the lack of time and resources. The poor working conditions that have long been decried are still awaiting structuring solutions. As long as the Legault government does not tackle this situation head-on, the solutions proposed will only be temporary, ”concludes the President.

CSQ Profile

The CSQ represents more than 200,000 members, of which approximately 125,000 are education personnel. The CSQ has 11 federations which bring together some 240 affiliated unions; There is also the AREQ (CSQ), the Association of retirees and retirees from education and other public services of Quebec. The CSQ is also present in the health and social services, early childhood educational services, municipal, recreation, culture, community and communications sectors.


The Edteq Association invites you to take advantage of Quebec's expertise in educational technology and welcomes new investments aimed at improving distance education services

Lévis, September 29, 2020 - The Edteq Association is delighted that part of the new investments made with future funds from the federal government in support of educational institutions in the context of the current pandemic will be devoted to a set of measures for distance education, such as the acquisition of subscription licenses to digital educational resources and the training of teaching, professional and support staff. Indeed, out of the 85 M$ announced, the government of Quebec has specified that 25 M$ will be allocated to it.

"It is now necessary that the communities take advantage of these measures to see beyond the acquisition of digital versions of traditional textbooks," said Shawn Young, president of Edteq. “We realize very well in times of pandemic that teachers, like parents and children, need innovative solutions to meet these new challenges. "

These new investments will allow another step forward, but we must not stop there. “Digital technology is evolving rapidly and requires investments accordingly; however, the cost of doing without it is even greater, both economically and socially, as we can now see, ”adds Renaud Boisjoly, vice-president of Edteq.

Quebec has more than a hundred companies and organizations of all sizes that develop applications, digital content and training specifically designed for the local school environment and its specificities. “The choices of schools in the acquisition of licenses for the use of digital educational resources must be able to take into account this abundant and diversified offer, because it reflects the creativity and ingenuity of an industry from which several ideas were born. hard work by teachers, for the benefit of the success of young Quebecers, ”adds Julie Chamberland, Executive Director of the Association and herself a teacher.

You can also discover the members and their resources from the site

About Edteq

Created in 2017 on the initiative of some twenty entrepreneurs, the Edteq association (Enterprises for the Development of Educational Technologies in Quebec) is a key player in the educational technology movement in Quebec and internationally. Its mission is to promote the work of members and accelerate the digital transformation of education.

We are convinced that digital technology is a source of innovation and impact for the educational environment. It is by pooling our energies, resources and talents that we participate in improving learning and fostering the success of ALL.


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