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Training for school leaders

Through this continuous self-training course in videos, discover the technological tools that can support managers in their daily tasks.

Designed from the resources of the École branchée, more specifically those of the CréaCamp Découverte, this training course guides you in the development of your professional expertise in the digital age. Access to content is offered to members or by purchasing a 1 month access to videos.

Digital is not only interesting for serving teachers and students. On the contrary, it can be an ally for everyone, especially managers. How to use the tools to improve the efficiency of follow-ups, information transmission, data logging? This course will help you to push your working methods further. 

To listen

1 - Google tools for managing follow-ups  

Education managers: become more efficient with the tools of the Google suite while having an approach focused on employee well-being (GMail, Google Keep, Google Tasks & others will be covered).

2 - Maximize Google Disk and gain efficiency 

Tidy up your huge virtual filing cabinet and maximize the use of Google Drive's organization, prioritization and search tools. As a bonus: sharing tips and practices for organizing and classifying favorites in Chrome.  

3 - Google Sites to simplify the staff guide 

Google Sites is a great tool for sharing information with staff: find ideas to revamp your staff guide in this training! Even teachers will find useful tips to improve the look of their Google Sites!  

To read 

1- Educational Leadership in a Pandemic Time: Turning Discomfort into Opportunity  

For school administrators, the opportunity is unique to place people at the heart of the processes and to review certain practices.

2 – Management strategies and professional practices in the digital age

REFAD has published a study entitled “Management of educational establishments in the era of digitalization”. The guide is intended for all those involved in distance learning and digital technology within their establishment.

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