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The free legal education workshops offered by Éducaloi aim to develop young people's legal reflexes. | Infomercial
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To make our young people active and involved citizens, we must build a society where everyone knows their duties, obligations and rights. We believe it starts in school, at an early age. 

The free legal education workshops offered by Éducaloi aim to develop young people's legal reflexes.

During a period of class, high school students have the opportunity to meet volunteer lawyers and discuss topics that affect them on a daily basis, such as bullying, consent to sexual relations between minors, conflict resolution, and more.

In total, 46 schools in Quebec received a workshop during “National Legal Education Week” last November. The professors testified: legal education is a fascinating subject, when popularized by a passionate person!

In fact, Éducaloi's clear and accessible language is designed to help them develop a body of knowledge that will be useful to them in many circumstances.

To be well prepared, your students will not only need to know the rules of the game of social life, but also understand their rights. Think about the legal aspect of all the everyday situations they are about to encounter: labor standards, purchasing and consumption, health care, housing, etc.

Unfortunately, a good number of Quebecers still do not master basic legal concepts. Indeed, according to the big national quiz that we conducted last October, the 8,500 participants obtained an overall average of 54 %. 

Would you like to receive a workshop in one of your classes?  

Register on our website and you will be paired with a lawyer in the following weeks. All the material, created by experienced educators and lawyers, is designed to arouse the interest of young people and put them into action. These workshops can be offered face-to-face and virtually!

So, ready to live this experience with Educaloi?

“By introducing young people to the principles of the legal and legal functioning of our society, we also train their young minds in the workings of our life in democracy. "-


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