Classo now offers its solutions to all schools in Quebec

The Classo platform aims to facilitate the search for digital resources as well as the sharing of good practices and innovative educational suggestions. Solutions now available to all schools.

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Montreal, September 4, 2019 – Designed with the collaboration of teachers, the platform Classo aims to facilitate the search for digital resources as well as the sharing of good practices and innovative educational suggestions. After piloting a first version of its platform with schools with varied socio-demographic profiles, the solutions developed by Classo are now offered to all schools.

With the growing number of digital educational resources available, it is not easy for teachers to find the ones that best meet their specific needs and those of their students. Classo has developed, among other things, a personalized search functionality that takes into account the entire teaching context: not only subjects and grade level, but also available technologies and devices, program skills and strategies. teaching.

Isabelle Grégoire, president and founder of Classo explains: "The idea behind Classo has always been to allow teachers to save time in their research of digital resources, while providing them with relevant and objective information to guide them. to make informed decisions. "

Classo lists educational resources and digital tools previously selected, then, in addition to searching, allows you to compare them, organize them into personalized lists, as well as consult and publish suggestions for educational uses. “There are some interesting initiatives that are being put forward by innovative teachers in different schools. We want to showcase their work and make it accessible. », Specifies Isabelle Grégoire.

In addition to adding several new resources to its platform, the Classo team took advantage of the summer period to develop new tools intended for school principals, school managers and ICT respondents. These solutions make use of data and make it possible, in particular, to identify interests, preferred and most consulted resources, to share lists of resources, to manage license requests, but also, by linking resources to defined digital skills. in the framework of reference recently published by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES), it becomes possible to visualize their development within schools.

In addition to its IT solutions, Classo offers schools very human support. A personalized support and advice service aims to support schools in the implementation of digital technology. This tailor-made service can, for example, include support in the planning or testing of a particular resource. “Recent studies in the United States indicate that licenses purchased for digital resources are often underutilized. We want to share our expertise to ensure that schools make good choices according to their goals. "

Classo's vision, however, is not to promote “strictly digital”. According to Classo, the contribution of digital technology to education and its judicious use must aim at the development of digital skills of learners and above all, allow a diversification of learning modes for the benefit of academic success.


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